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Why Imitation Mangalsutra so essential for the newly Bridal Womens?

The movement of the upcoming wedding, every bride wishes to have a fantastic lehenga and look gorgeous to rock her wedding with all of them. The bride always wants to look special to every individual from others and has some amazing plans to enjoy a wedding like an as- photo shoot with partner, friends or close ones or having dinner with family!

Planning the perfect wardrobe, started from the bindiya for wedding to the cosmetics everything consider the most. Mangalsutra designs might become overwhelming if there are too many to choose from. So, here is a list of the greatest designs for Mangalsutra, so you can make an informed decision!

What is Mangalsutra?

Indian marriages indulge or consider some forms of ornament designs for the female to symbolize the wedding. That ornament could be a noise piece (Nath), ring, bangles, toe ring, or chain but Manglasutra is one of the main and well-known ornaments that symbolizes weddings in India for females. 

The word “Mangalsutra” or “ Mangalsutram” has evolved from the Sanskrit term ‘Mangal’ which means success, loved, blessed, happiness, forever bond and ‘Sutram’ meaning cord. Actually, Mangalsutra is made-up or considered 108 (as a number) with fine cotton threads that are twisted together to form a fine and perfect thread. And on the thread, a gold thali is wound in the center.

Mangalsutra is also named after the Planet Mars, whose color is red, the same as the bridal lehenga color worn by Hindu brides. And the rest thread of it is Black in color and made with beads (Kala Pota) and used to be said as the evil eye.

Scroll down for some features of Artificial Mangalsutra Designs

As previously we have discussed the Artificial Mangalsutras, so here are some latest artificial mangalsutra design:-

  1. Artificial mangalsutras, as the name defines, which is basically made with artificial metal with silver coatings and gold coatings.
  2. These artificial mangalsutras are made in a perfect way that they are water-resistant. Because of that, the luster won’t be lost when it comes to contact with water.
  3. These artificial chains look like real or original ones, with the same black beads in the thread and a pendant in the center of the thread.
  4. These imitate look like the real ones covered with gold plated and semi-precious stones like- rubies, diamonds, etc. which is a big reason they are known as Imitation jewelry.
  5. These chains are for those who don’t want to leave their pockets empty. Hence this is the perfect choice ever!

Some of the most demanded Imitation Mangalsutras

  • Black beaded Artificial Mangalsutras

If you go through to choose this eye-catching mangalsutra for yourself only if feel comfortable and your rituals allow you to wear the traditional black beads. But the mangalsutras either consist of one or two end-strands black bead chain. The pendant looks pretty, and passionate in different designs that show the overall beautiful outlook of the Mangalsutras.

  • Crystal Artificial Mangalsutras 

This mangalsutra can be worn on a daily basis in regular life. It shows the cool, stable beads and chic design. This pattern with an artificial pearl is the perfect setting for the newly bridal which matches with the red lehenga which is overall gold plated in a simple look and enhances the outlook of the mangalsutras.

  • Long chain Mangalsutras

Did you ever notice that a lot of experiments are done with different categories of Mangalsutra designs? In today’s time, the newlywed bride doesn’t love to keep the tradition going on when it comes to Mangalsutras rather they would love to have trendy styles and designs of the artificial mangalsutras. Nowadays many Indian women don’t carry the Indian culture when selecting their jewellery! However, somewhere long-chain mangalsutras are still loved by some women so go on with the amazing ideas with Swarajshop!

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