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Bella Bodhi Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Spouse, Career

As you all know, Instagram is a platform that can make you famous in just a few days if you have any talent. The same is the case with a girl named Bella Bodhi. This name is spreading like a fire on the internet.

Youngsters are going crazy about her. She was a common human being like others. But her plus size become the reason for her fame. She got famous in no time by just posting a picture of her bomb figure. Now she has become an influencer and social media star. In this article, we will talk about her life.

Bella Bodhi Bio:Bella Bodhi

She is a plus-size Instagram model. She is modern and has a perfect attractive body. You must be curious about her life so let’s talk about her biography. So she is a middle-aged woman and is 45 years old. Her home town is Hungry but nowadays she is living in Bali. She is a Christian and has the nationality of Hungry. She is a Lesbian.

Bella Bodhi Education:

If we talk about the qualification of this charming personality then there is not much information about it. But she has spent most of her life in the UK so it is understood that her schooling and graduation are done from some of the institutes of the UK.

Bella Bodhi Appearance:

Bella Bodhi has done many plastic surgeries to look even more beautiful. As she has a curvy body every outfit looks fire on her. She has a very ideal height of 5 feet 5 inches. Her weight is 70 kg.

She has beautiful hair of blonde color and got pretty eyes in blue color. She has done her ear piercing. She got a tattoo on her left arm. Many people want to know the size of her hips and bust. So the curvy Bella has a plus-size of 46” and 48”.

Bella’s personal life:

If we talk about her parents then her father is Mr. Bodhi and her mother’s name is Mrs. Bodhi.  She grew up with her parents and siblings in the United Kingdom. Her parents were American.

And now if we talk about her boyfriend or husband then she hasn’t shared much information about him. But according to the news, it is said that she is married and lives with her husband and children. She just doesn’t like sharing personal stuff with her fans.

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Bella Bodhi Career:

When she was a teenager she started her career in high school by posting pictures of her hot body. If we talk about her fan following then she has a great number of followers and she sold her Private pictures to prime clients. She has given her website’s link in her Instagram bio.

Her stacked body made her famous and her erotic photos made the online community go crazy. After getting more popular she started her career as an influencer.

Bella’s Income and Net Worth:

She earns from multiple sources. First of all, she is an influencer and she promotes products of big brands and earns a pretty amount of money from this. Secondly, she has a website where she has premium clients and she shares her erotic pics and videos with them and earns from it as well. Bella’s income is approximately 150,000 dollars.

Interesting Facts about Bella Bodhi:

  • She loves working out in the gym because she wants her body to look more beautiful and attractive. If you have followed her on Instagram you will see that she posts a lot of her gym pics.
  • Bella Bodhi loves animals and she has pets in her home.
  • She doesn’t eat meat and instead of that, she prefers vegetables and fruits.
  • Her love for Bali is unconditional.
  • As Bella has a curvy body, where there are fans there are people who criticize her but still, she is confident and doesn’t feel any shame having this body.

Closing Remarks:

In this article, we talked about Instagram’s hot sensation Bella Bodhi. We covered all details about Bella Bodhi Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Spouse, Career. Hope you would like the article.

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