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Who is Alison Victoria Husband – Wiki, Bio, Age, Net worth, Career

Celebrities are people who have thousands of fans that love to get information about them. They have very interesting lives and that attracts the media. Though they don’t share much information with their fans, still fans manage to get most of the information. In this article, I have brought information about multi-talented Alison victoria. I am gonna share everything about her life. Details such as who is Alison Victoria husband? What does she do? Her net worth and many more. So without wasting much time let’s get into the details.

Alison Victoria Husband:

Alison Victoria and Luke Harding are Separated: She is Dating a New Partner. - Famous Celebrities

Source: famous-celebrities.com

Alison Victoria husband name is Luke Harding she is a businessman. He has a very well-known insurance agency. Luke isn’t much famous he got fame after getting married to Alison.

Who is Alison victoria?

Alison is a multi-talented woman who is an interior designer as well as an American host. You might have heard about windy city rehab. Her performance in that show made people fall in love with her. She is the youngest designer who began designing in the 90s.

Alison Victoria wikipedia:

She was born on 31st October 1988 and is just 34 years old. She was born in Chicago, US. But right now she loves to spend her time in LA. She holds American nationality.  She has a pretty height of 5 feet. Alison’s hair color is blonde. She weighs only 120lbs. She has pretty brown attractive eyes.

Alison’s education and family:

As you know celebs try to keep their family away from the media and don’t share much information about them. The same is the case with Alison, she never mentioned anything about her parents. But according to some sources he has three siblings. Alison Victoria’s husband is Luke Harding and they have a daughter together. If we talk about her education then as she moved to LA she graduated from the University of Nevada. Her high school was in Chicago.

Alison Victoria’s career:

She started as an interior designer and she joined Christopher Holmes where he worked for a while. But later on, Alison read a book that inspired her a lot and she stepped into the HGTV series. Kitchen crashers and windy city rehab are her main shows.

Let’s put some light on her profession, her work is very interesting. Alison buys traditional homes and then renovates them according to the client’s needs. Most of the profit money is used to preserve the old buildings of Chicago.

Alison maintains the historical look of houses by choosing antique doors and showpieces, dark color bricks, and dark floors. But many people have criticized her work.

Alison and Luke Harding:

Alison Victoria husband is Luke and they had a very interesting love story. They first talked with each other on some online site. After talking for like a month they met each other. They fell madly in love with each other. This love made Alison Victoria husband buy a house near her. Then after so many years of dating, they got engaged in 2013. 

There is a Drake Hotel in Paris where they got married. It was a very special place and 120 guests were invited to this wedding.

Their divorce rumors:

It is not clear whether they are divorced or not. Some news says that they are divorced, some say they just don’t live together. It’s been six years since their marriage and they have a very beautiful daughter. Alison Victoria’s husband takes the best care of both the mom and daughter.

Is Alison Victoria really married?

Yes, she is happily married to luke Harding but as they both work they don’t get much time to spend together.

Alison’s Net Worth:

She has done a lot of work and she did designing and hosting which means her net worth is strong. Alison has never mentioned the amount but as per an estimate, her net worth is 4 million dollars. She has a luxury house in LA  and is living her best life.


In this article, we have talked about Alison Victoria husband and all details about her life and career. She is an inspiration for many people. I hope you like this article.

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