Fikfap Apk App- Complete Review

Most people look for torrent sites where they can watch the content without paying money and even they get successful in finding those sites. But some people are interested in finding apps where they can post their videos for fun or to become famous. So in this article, I will tell you about the Fikfap app. So let’s move to the details:

What is Fikfap App?

Fikfap is an adult app and if you are not 18 plus then this app is not for you nor this article. You can share your personal videos on this app if you want to be famous. Beta testing is applied on this app and due to this reason it can be found only in a few areas.

About Fikfap Specialities:

This application was made in Korea. Korean adults use this app. Peoples post their photos and videos on this platform and within just one year this app has got millions of users even though it is banned in most countries.

One interesting fact about Fikfap is that it is linked with TikTok to some extent and the makers of this app are trying to make an app that will allow users to post such content and will be regarded as adult content for an adult audience.

It is different from other apps because on other apps like Tiktok only positive content is shared and here people post adult content.

Download Or Not Fikfap Application:

We are not promoting this application nor forcing you to download it. If you are not 18 years old and you want to have this application then we will suggest you that don’t use this app.

Description of Fikfap:

  It is an age-restricted app meaning only 18 plus people can download it.

  Fikfap is not for kids.

  You can’t download it if you are below the age of 18.

  It is used to post your private content.

  It is under beta testing and is available in a few countries.

Features of Fikfap:

This adult app has a lot of features that attract people and make them addicted to it. So let’s see the details.

 Keep you in touch:

This adult app helps you to stay in touch with your friends. You can talk with them anytime.


You can make and post videos on this app. You can also pair with a person you like.

Video limit:

There is no limit to posting videos. If you are 18 plus you can post as many videos as you want.


You don’t need to pay for this app. All you have to do is download the Fikfap com. It is free to you.

3rd party ads:

This app will not show any kinds of ads and won’t interrupt you. 


This Fikfap is an application that promotes vulgarity and it is very harmful to youth. It leads them towards unethical and usual acts which are not acceptable by any society. These apps should be banned and shouldn’t be promoted in any case. Keep yourself and your children safe from this app.

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