Silhouette Challenge No Filter Reddit- TikTok trend 2022

Tiktok is an app where people from all over the world make videos. And the video content is according to trends. There are thousands of trends that went viral on TikTok. There are some bold trends and there are some informative trends.

Nowadays there is a Silhouette Challenge no filter trend going viral on TikTok. In this article, we will discuss that challenge so let’s have a glance at the details.

Silhouette Challenge No Filter Reddit:

This is a trend that got viral on TikTok back in January of this year. This was a very seductive trend. This trend had 140 million hashtags. The Silhouette Challenge was simple but requires some effort in editing.

Tutorial for Silhouette Challenge No Filter Reddit:

So basically the song “ Put your head on my shoulder” was used in this challenge. The person had to dance to this song in front of the camera. Once you are done doing it you have to choose any doorway or any place that you like and then become a silhouette. 

This silhouette challenge was already available on TikTok but this time it comes with a special and unique filter and the color transition has spread fire on TikTok. And now it’s trending with hashtag silhouette challenge no filter.

If you will make your videos with perfect lighting and tools then it will be fab. Given below steps will help you to make your videos more attractive.

1- There is a filter Vin Rouge available on Snapchat go and find it.

2- Select a perfect doorway of your house where you want to make your video.

3- Now you have to turn off all lights of that place except the one that is behind you.

4- This trend requires you to wear tight and hot outfits.

5- You then have to edit the shot you have taken.

6- Add the song “Put your head on my shoulder” to your video.

7- Your silhouette challenge is all set to post.

Why are people finding this challenge dangerous?

At the start, people were doing it for fun and hot body challenges but some people have seized this challenge and they are looking for software that can help them to remove the red filter so they can see their bodies clearly.

Silhouette challenge Filter Removed:

A campaign has started on Twitter to block and report all the hashtags and tweets related to this challenge. The Reddit community has been also seen blocking the TikTok videos and stopping the sound from getting featured on TikTok. Some tutorials have also been blocked. Only youtube is not taking action against it.

According to some news, it is said that the top search topic on youtube nowadays is how silhouette challenge filters get removed.

Silhouette Challenge No Filter Reddit:

Reddit community has proved better than youtube because they are trying to block the tutorials that are supporting silhouette challenge no filter. Additionally, it is said that adult videos won’t be accepted or re-uploaded on youtube. YouTubers who will do this video will be demonetized. 

Closing Remarks:

The silhouette challenge on TikTok was interesting and people were doing it for a positive body. It was cool until people went for silhouette challenge no filter tutorials. It is very unethical to remove filters from someone’s video and watch them naked. Such trends must be deleted from TikTok and only positive and healthy content should be promoted.

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