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Latest Low Cost Small House Design in 2022

A home is a place that everyone wishes to have and it is the right of every person to have a house for his family. House is not about big and small beauty or comfort. Cost also matters in this regard. It depends on the people how they turn a house into a home. There are a lot of people who can’t afford big expensive houses. For those people, I’ve come up with ideas of low cost small house design. It will be not so costly and requires minimum things to utilize. So let’s see the details.

Low Cost Small House Design:

Low-Cost Chic & Beautiful Small House Design | Pinoy ePlans

Source: pinoyeplans.com

These are the houses that get ready on an affordable budget. It’s not about making big pretty houses, only the thing that matters is one should have a house. Small house gives a very aesthetic and pretty look.

Small space is used to make these houses and it is usually all important rooms. It depends on their skills in architecture and how he manages to make a small space into a beautiful and well-equipped home.

Features of Low Cost Small House Design:

House Plan 80523 - Ranch Style with 988 Sq Ft, 2 Bed, 2 Bath

Source: coolhouseplans.com

By making a strong connection with the outdoors, the small space can be given an amazing look. This is very supportive of low-income families. These houses are budget friendly with almost every necessary room in it. Low budget low cost small house designs comprise a kitchen, a washroom, and 2 rooms at least.

If I am talking about a low budget house that doesn’t mean that the quality of material used in building the house will be third class. You can put furniture that looks great in your house or you can decorate it in any way you like. You can go for several options of small houses.

500 square feet low budget low cost small house design:

So basically this house covers the 500 sq feet area. And the cost of making it in this house is usually 6 lacs. This house is built by professionals who take all the important things like privacy and ventilation while the house. The length and width of the construction of this low cost small house design are 30 and 16 feet respectively.

480 square feet 1bhk low budget low cost small house design:

This is also a very great option that you can choose while making small houses. These houses will comprises of following rooms:

  Living room




  Attach toilet


So basically this low cost small house design starts with a staircase. And below that you can utilize the space for parking.

 Living Room:

The living room is an important area of the house. In these house designs the measurements are 10’2 into 9’5 feet. You can add one or two windows in the living room if the side properties are not built yet.


Kitchen is the basic need of every house. Don’t need to worry this small house design has a kitchen of measurement of 6’7” into 7 feet. It also has one window so that smoke can go out of the kitchen. You can say it is for ventilation purposes.

Attached Washroom:

There is a washroom attached to the bedroom and it contains a duct that can serve the purpose of ventilation. This has a measurement of 4’ into 7.


A bedroom for sure is an important room and this small house design has 1 room of 10 into 8’ measurement. This room also has one window that serves the purpose of ventilation.


This article was all about middle mediocre people in the society who don’t have enough money to make a well-equipped and luxury house. They can go for low cost small house designs  that are highly affordable. Details about them are shared above. Hope you like it.

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