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Brace yourself with these tips for Rewiring

Rewiring during renovation is as important as any other renovation activity in a property. Getting it done the right way will guarantee safety and satisfaction in work done. Here, we would be sharing some tips on rewiring a property.

Take note of the following tips if you plan on rewiring a house in London.

Make A Plan Before You Begin

Rewiring is a load of work that requires concentration. To carry out this very sensitive task, you will need to carefully draw out a plan of execution to allow for a successful work output. Rewiring is done in two stages;

  • First fix

This is the part where significant electricals, cables and wiring are installed

  • Second fix

This is where the entire connection is joined together. Every other electrical process is connected at this stage. Before rewiring a property, make plans, to ensure what goes on in each area, beginning with the first fix.

Work With Precaution

Everything that concerns electricity requires caution. Rewiring calls for careful approach as well, to deal with safety and protection.

Knowing When Rewiring Is Required

Rewiring is necessary for houses that are over 20 or 30 years old. This is because older wiring may not cope with the demands of new houses. You can identify old wiring by the presence of old switches, rubber cabling and replaceable wires. Always be careful though because they can be potentially dangerous. You can contact an electrician in London to help you identify if rewiring is required.

Stay Away From Mid-Way Additions

As experts, we at Electrical Works London will tell you that this step is not usually the best idea. It takes up a lot of your working time, and are expensive. This is why it is important to make plans of positions of units etc. before you begin work.


For safety reasons, it is better to rewire a house when there is no one in it. If you can, move away from the house until rewiring is completed. Otherwise, protect yourself and properties by covering them up or placing them in a separate room, until the whole process is over.

Consider Futureproofing

Modern-day living is now centered on technology. When it comes to electricity, we are talking about high-speed internet connection, mood lighting, electric gadgets in the kitchen and even the bathrooms, something that is not entirely new to us. To be able to live up to this and enjoy it, you should consider stepping up your electrical works.

Understand The Timing

Different areas of the house take different time to rewire. For example, the kitchen may take two days or more to rewire, while the bedroom can take more time or less. Understanding this will make the whole job easier.

Understand The Costs

Various factors affect the cost of rewiring house. We have seen multiple cases where the cost of rewiring is affected by various things like;

  • Size of house
  • Location of the house
  • Access to the property
  • Complexity or nature of work to be done
  • Standard of house

Sometimes, the cost of rewiring is also affected by the first or second fix.

Understand The Electrician

A lot of electricians in London work with fixed prices. However, you can keep thecosts down by handling some things yourself. Certain electricians appreciate it when the clients get things prepped for them before their arrival. This makes the job easier.

Consider Doing It Yourself

As long as you know what to do, you can do the rewiring yourself. However, they must be inspected before and after completion by a qualified electrician, and someone must be present in place as a guide. Afterwards, a safety certificate will be issued. You can contact us for such duties; we would be glad to help.

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