Dog Bite Prevention: 3 Things You Should Know

About 4.5 million dog bites have been registered all over the world. Dog bites are dangerous and can result in deaths as well. Mostly children are the victim of these bites. You love the canines but you should be cautious about them as well.

Being responsible pet parents, you should try to take all the preventive measures possible. Dogs bring so much happiness and joy into your lives. But when they bite someone, it is embarrassing for you as well. This is such a big issue in all places.

Things to know about dog bite prevention

Preventing your dog from biting

There is no guarantee that your dog won’t bite. If they are aggressive at the moment, they might bite as well. Some of the precautions you can take are:


This procedure is so much helpful for the health of the dogs. It also reduces their desire to roam. They also don’t have the intention to fight anymore.

Help to socialize

This should start right from the time the dog is young. Try to expose them to as many new people as possible. Also, help them to interact with other dogs as well.

Give them proper training

When your dog shows professional behaviour, then you will be very proud. With the right training, they will also show good skills. Teach them the basic techniques. This will help them in controlling their behaviour.

Things to do in case your dog attacks

Firstly, try to learn the body language of the dogs. If they are showing any warning signs in their language, you should be cautious. Maintain the distance between you and the dog. If you think, the dog will attack you can do the following:

  • Remain in your position and avoid eye contact
  • After he loses interest, he will move away
  • Even if the dog attacks, feed him something and he will slow down
  • If you fall to the ground, curl like a ball. Stay the same way until the dog backs off.

Ways to approach a dog

These are some of the tips that everyone should follow. Even if you have a dog, you can keep him in invisible fences when guests come. Visit Pet stop to get all sorts of electric fences. This way, the guests are more comfortable meeting the dogs. It also protects your pet from unwanted threats and dangers when left alone.

  • Take permission before you go near the dog. Especially when the dog is tied up, you should follow the precautions well.
  • Don’t look at the dog face to face. Dogs don’t like the idea of being watched. They hate it when people look directly into their eyes.
  • Don’t tempt a dog who is sleeping or eating.
  • Allow the dog to make the first move. You can gently put your hand forward. Once the dog starts wagging his tail, you can go ahead.
  • Don’t just make fast movements for him.
  • You must pet the dog correctly. Don’t just move towards putting him on the head straight away. Start from the bottom and make your way to the top.


Any dog can bite and you should be careful. Even a dog who looks friendly can bite you instantly. These are some of the precautions you can take. Being good pet owners, you can help your dog to socialize and teach them how to react to others.

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