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10 Gorgeous Curly Hairstyles For Men

If you’ve ever seen a hairstyle you liked and thought to yourself, “I wish I could get that with my curly hair,” you’re in luck! Curly hair has a bad reputation for being difficult to work with, but it’s just as versatile as any other hair type. 

Here is the list of our top men’s curly hairstyles, ranging from short curly styles to long man buns.

Curly Fringes

This style looks flawless thanks to a shaggy head and a pronounced swoop. Wait no longer if you’re looking for the best hairstyle for curly hair that will make you stand out! This curly hairstyle for men is designed to take centre stage every time. These curls give you a sense of motion that you won’t be able to get any other way.

The Man Bun

So, nothing makes a woman happier than a man with a flirty man bun. The man bun is popular among men with long curly hair because it is stylish, amazing, trendy, and super cool. It is without a doubt one of the most fashionable and simple hairstyles a man can have.

Curly Drop Fade

This men’s curly hairstyle look combines a chiselled face with tousled hair – in short, it’s a hairstyle that will leave an impression on those who see it. These curls are completely accentuated by the drop fade on the sides. It’s sloppy, it’s casual, and in short, it’s everything most men want.

Messy Curls

One of the best Curly hairstyles for men with long hairTo put it mildly, long and curly hair is a lethal combination. These curls will turn every head at the party and show off the texture of your amazing curls. Try it out, and you’ll fall in love with the curls all over again.

Mika’s Curly Hair

This is an excellent example of a haircut that is appropriate for the hair type, in this case curly. To show off your curly texture, go for a classic scissor crop like Mika here. It tends to work so well because the hair has been moisturised and has a soft appearance that allows for movement. It’s fantastic!

Curls with a Tapered Design

To achieve this look, use a medium to high fade. To keep everything in place, tousle the curls at the crown of the head and use a medium hold wax! You are now ready to go outside!

Disconnected Fade with a Curly Undercut

This curly mens hairstyle for a round face will make you look really handsome. The sharp lines of the undercut contrast beautifully with the weighty curls, making this style bold and eye-catching. Consider dying the tips of your curls a quirky colour like blue or light blond for added impact.

Fine Curls with a Vibrant Mid Fade

With this look, you can take your curls and fade into a whole new world. This is a variation of the classic “curls-and-fade” look, but instead of a full fade, the hair is cut halfway above the browline. It’s ideal for people with oval faces, but it’s also suitable for anyone, anywhere!

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