The Best Professions In The Education Sector

Deciding your career in the educational field is an excellent choice because this field offers a lot of different jobs. Plus, you can contribute so much to society and for the children. Pursuing an educational course will give you a network of opportunities after graduating because many jobs involve a degree in education. Obtaining a degree in education won’t just make you a teacher, you can also become a social worker, administrator, or counselor.


Educational professions contribute so much to the community– with an educational degree you can nurture the kids, counsel the struggling students, and give lessons to the inexperienced. You can make the school a comfortable place for the children, and you can help make the world a better place. Of course, if you plan to have an educational career, you must have a degree in education.


After graduating, one of the things you might probably think of is to immediately apply for a job in order to compensate for your expenses in college, and of course, to just work. Upon applying, bear in mind to construct a quality resume that will appeal to the hirers. Choose one of the resume formats that will best suit your work resume depending on your experience, and skills– chronological, functional, or combination. 

Below is the list of the educational professions to help you decide what type of job to apply for:

  • Administration

There are various jobs in the school administration, such as a principal, or a vice-principal. Applying for a job in this aspect might require additional years of learning in education, such as pursuing a master’s degree. A school administrator is in charge of the operation of the school. They ensure the smooth run of the school, nurture the teachers, create bonds with the students, and they are in charge of the school activities and rules. They make policies, and they command. School administrators really play a huge role for the whole school and its people, that is why this job requires expertise. Being part of the school administration has a higher salary compared to other simple teaching careers. 

  • Tutor

One of the relevant jobs you can choose in the educational field is tutoring. Tutoring is an excellent choice because in this job you will teach the kid one-on-one. You can focus on one kid and they will focus on you and the paper works too. Tutoring can be beneficial for a child because distractions are less present and they will be eager to do well because of the fact that one teacher is fully focused on them. You can conduct tutoring at a student’s house or inside the school premises. Unlike other jobs, usually, the salary of a tutor is rated per hour. Even without completing a degree, you can become a tutor. As long as you learned enough reliable knowledge about various subjects and you hold skills of being an effective communicator, patience, and a listening ear. 

  • Counseling 

Counseling is one of the jobs you can take in the educational field. Choosing to be a counselor might require you additional years of learning, such as pursuing a master’s degree in school counseling. A school counselor counsels students about many aspects of life. They teach kids academically, they help them emotionally, and they give attention to their mental health. A school counselor is like an open ear that will listen and attend to a student’s problem whether academically, emotionally, or mentally. School or education counselors contribute so much to the kids because they can break down the walls of an unopened student, and they can be someone who will assure a student that they are worth listening to and that asking for help is okay. You can also be a career counselor, one who helps people with employment and one who teaches the kids information about different careers. Counseling can also have higher salaries compared to other teachers.

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