5 Best Low Commission Real Estate Agents to List Your Home

What does a Real estate broker with a low commission do?

Compared to most other agents in the region, a low-commission real estate agent works for a smaller commission. Low commission real estate agents demand less than their rivals while providing their clients the same level of service. A low commission real estate agent’s business model’s volume and efficacy are crucial. Additionally, these agents are more likely to concentrate on particular clientele groups.

A real estate agent should receive 3% of the sales price. But normally, it lies between 2.5 and 3%. Both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent share this value. Houzeo and HomeLight are a few of the greatest real estate websites with low commissions.

How do you know whether a real estate agent is reputable and has a low commission?

Homeowners may research a low-commission real estate agent’s reputation. Check the following information then:

  • It’s crucial to remember that Realtors evaluate the agent’s professionalism and competency before recommending a low-commission salesperson.
  • Look up online reviews of the agents to see what former clients have to say about them.
  • Obtain documentation of the agent’s recent home sales.
  • Compare the agent’s level of engagement to that of other agents in the real estate market.
  • Find out whether they have any prior experience as a real estate agent.
  • For outstanding complaints, see the Better Business Bureau and the professional licensing organization in your state.


Houzeo uses technology to solve real estate issues and simplify house selling. It is based in the US and combines technology with affordable Flat Fee MLS packages to provide real estate services to clients, which they ought to have always been provided.

Houzeo offers only online services because the complete home selling procedure is conducted online. You receive several advantages and features when you utilize Houzeo that you won’t discover with other competitors. Houzeo is entirely digital and online to streamline the selling process.

Pros of Houzeo

  • You may receive, review, and evaluate bids for your house from your seller dashboard, and you can do this even on their mobile app.
  • Pricing for Houzeo’s Flat Fee MLS is always visible on its price page.
  • With Houzeo, you may give a buyer agent a reasonable commission in exchange for letting their clients view your house.
  • Houzeo gives both MLS and non-MLS exposure by syndicating your property to, Zillow, Redfin, and Trulia.
  • The quickness with which Houzeo can list your home is well-known among home sellers.

You can check out Houzeo reviews for more information.

Clever Real Estate

Clever real estate is one of the greatest choices for affordable housing. A referral fee network called Clever Real Estate connects customers with nearby real estate agents who are willing to accept the money. Client data is only shared with top real estate agents in a process known as a blind match for an undisclosed charge when submitted to Clever Real Estate.

For discounted pricing, Clever works with top agents at reputable brokerages around the nation, including RE/MAX, Keller Williams, and Century 21.

Pros of Clever Real Estate

  • Working with one of Clever’s agents is optional, and its service is free.
  • Choosing the best local agent for you by coordinating with several of them.
  • Just one percent of the cost of the product goes toward full-service support.

Cons of Clever Real Estate

  • Customers are paying for two brokers to do the duties of only one.
  • Clever Real Estate charges undisclosed referral fees.
  • The agents that work as partners with Clever Real Estate are free to fix prices and negotiate rebates.
  • Check out Clever Real estate reviews for more information.

Ideal Agent

You can list your house for a flat charge of 2% in Ideal Agent’. They negotiate contracts with seasoned, excellent traditional agents to obtain lower real estate commissions. According to evaluations of Ideal Agent, their approach enables you to reduce your commission costs while still having a successful home sale. However, unlike its rivals, Ideal Agent only connects you with one local agent match.

The Ideal Agent is a good spot to start your agent search. Additionally, it’s less risky than some discount shops. You will receive a person who offers comprehensive services from them. It costs nothing to request an agent match, and you can withdraw at any time.

Pros of the Ideal Agent

A full-service representative will be offered to you by a conventional brokerage.

It costs nothing to request an agent match, and you can withdraw at any time.

Cons of the Ideal Agent

In comparison to most full-service, low-commission businesses, Ideal Agent is more expensive.

Only one realtor will be assigned to you; other services offering a similar service have multiple agents available, allowing you to compare your options and select the one that best meets your needs.


Redfin advertises low commission rates for home sellers and incentives for home buyers as one of the top real estate agencies.

Redfin’s low-cost real estate brokerage service is accessible. The tech-centric customer care approach Redfin personnel uses means they might not offer as much one-on-one support.

Pros of Redfin

  • Even though many cheap brokers tout user-friendly technology, Redfin’s renowned platform remains the industry benchmark.
  • Most sellers prefer Redfin due to its low fees. The discounts are genuine, according to reports from those who have sold via Redfin.

Cons of Redfin

  • Redfin’s service quality risks are lower than other inexpensive brokers, but customers can still anticipate less hands-on assistance than they would from traditional realtors.
  • Savings are limited when purchasing the premium listing bundle.


Trelora is an affordable real estate firm with locations in eight different cities and five different states. Despite its turbulent relationship with conventional brokers, Trelora has a lengthy history of receiving positive consumer feedback. Furthermore, it looks like the deal being offered is real.

Pros of Trelora

  • You can save a lot of money by using a fixed listing fee. Positive Trelora reviews frequently discuss how to save money using the flat-fee pricing model, especially at higher price points.
  • If you employ a Trelora agent to help you buy a home, you can be eligible for a commission rebate of up to $6,000, or 50% of the buyer’s agent commission.

Cons of Trelora

  • The most frequent Trelora complaint claims that the company’s high-volume, team-based strategy results in a bad customer experience.
  • On less expensive residences, Trelora’s flat-fee pricing model saves only a small amount of money.


Last but not least, the best real estate brokers with whom you want to work most support and equip their brokers for success.

Whether you’re a part-time or full-time agent specializing in residential, commercial, or real estate, the brokerage firm you choose for your real estate employment will depend on how long you’ve been in a real estate company.

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