Free Mind Mapping Apps for Windows

Windows is one of the most effective and flexible operating systems. The OS supports a wide variety of applications and software to help enhance users’ productivity. For instance, there are several mind mapping applications that Windows users can use to improve information recording and enhance team collaboration. 

Windows users can use this guide to find the best mind mapping apps. If you are a Mac user seeking mind mapping tools, you can check out SimpleMind and MindNode. 


Chris Griffiths created Ayoa in collaboration with Tony Buzan. You can create a mind map by opening this software, and you have the option of making a Speed Map, an Organic Map, a Capture Map, or a Radial Map. You can also change between them from the dropdown menu. 

The software isn’t limited to basic mind mapping. Its notable features are real-time collaboration, chat, task management, and whiteboard. It is ideal for small teams looking to organize and realize their ideas. The software is also explicitly designed to be accessible to neurodiverse individuals. The program comes up with exciting upgrades; the latest one is adding an AI-powered brainstorming tool. While all the essential features are free, you have to pay the price for unlocking additional features. 


XMind is a popular mind mapping tool, and the application is available in various OS, including Windows. The app can be downloaded for free. This program has several exciting features, and XMind Share is one of them. The feature allows users to send their private and public links to provide access to their mind map to their peers. Also, you will find several templates in the library that you can use for free. 

Security is top-notch with this software because you can create passwords to protect your mind maps. This will prevent unauthorized editing. 


MindMup is one of the online mind map apps for Windows, and it allows users to create mind maps without creating an account. It means that users can quickly begin editing the min maps without opening the tool. Also, it is free to use, and you can publish your mind map online so your peers can access it. It is a reliable tool and one that you should check out. 


Coggle is one of the most popular mind map tools. It is an online whiteboard that is also a mind map app. It primarily supports online collaboration and seamlessly works with all the major web browsers. While this app has no templates, it offers a simple way to edit mind maps. In the app, you can also design using the Markdown function, allowing users to style their mind map the way they desire. Furthermore, you can add your peers and colleagues to edit it simultaneously. You can invite them via email address. 


Mindomo is a versatile and effective Windows mind mapping tool that supports other OS, such as Linux and Mac. One of the best features of this app is the ability to open the ideas you have mapped online. It is a feature similar to when you place files in the cloud. This feature allows you to open your mind maps no matter where you are. All you need is a stable Internet connection. 

The essential features of this app can be used for free, but if you want additional features, you have to purchase the complete program. 


MindManager is a desktop tool that allows users to create mind maps, along with different types of flowcharts. It offers user-friendly, ready-to-use templates that users can use for free. Also, it supports exporting files in various formats. It is freemium software; therefore, you can use it for free even though the software offers a premium subscription. The tool resembles the MS Office Word application, which discusses user experience and user-friendliness. Overall, you must not miss out on using this tool to organize your thoughts and share them with your peers. 


GitMind is a great mind mapping tool for Windows users. It is an online application, and you can open it from any web browser. It also has a desktop version, which you can use on your Windows PC. On the software, you will find templates that can be used for free, and there are lots of elements and shapes available for those who wish to create charts and mind maps from scratch. The tool even supports online collaboration so you can seamlessly work with your team. 

The Bottom line 

These are some great mind mapping tools for Windows users. You can start using any of them from the list and put your thoughts and ideas in one place. You can share them with your peers and streamline projects. These tools are great for collaboration and some of them even allow for real-time editing. So, choose wisely. 

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