Pac-Man Play and Plug Anniversary Game Review

Today I am reviewing the Pac-Man 30th-anniversary Connect and Play. It looks like they released this on the 35th anniversary of Pac-Man, which was I believe in May 2015, and what I’m doing here is doing a quick unboxing of the game, and it’s fairly simple to get into.

There are a couple of pieces of scotch tape around the edges, and I end up having to cut the edges right here. What I like about this device is that it’s in the shape of Pac-Man, which is really cool, and it’s pixelated, so it looks like it has that 8-bit shape.

look at the manual

I am taking a look at the manual, and I’m surprised that there is a manual here. It has a little bit of information on each of the included games, and there are a total of 12 games in this connect and play, and it’s bent. I’ll need to iron that. Maybe with some, I’ll see if I can flatten it out.

But, it’s pretty cool. I’m glad it came with a manual, and then it’s in here pretty well has the little wrapping. I’m going to have to cut around all of this, so I’m going to play that sort of fast motion here.

As I try to dig my way into this without damaging it too much. It took me quite a while to get it out. Once I did, I was glad because, on the other side of this, it looks like the Pacman 30th anniversary screen from the game, and then, right there, and then checking out the device, you have the “A” and a “B” button.

The “B” is on the left

The “B” is on the left, it’s kinda hard to see, it’s pixelated, and the “A” is on the right, and then on the bottom, there’s nothing really on the bottom. You just pop it open to throw in the four, I believe, double A batteries that are needed, and then you have your RCA style cables that you plug right into your RCA ports on your television.

You do need a flat head or a Phillips screwdriver to get into the battery compartment, which is sort of a bummer. I wish they would improve that part of the process, so maybe make it easier to get into these things because it’s tough.

Maybe it’s more kid-friendly like this. So there’s the battery compartment. I’ll slap some batteries in and give this thing a run-through. There are a couple of negatives with this unit. Pretty much, the joystick handles itself and the controller; it’s pretty good; it’s got the buttons and their clicky buttons, but the handle itself is springy, so that can cause you to slip. It makes Pac-man go the opposite direction, for example.

And then the other negative that I encountered was that after holding the controller for about 10-15 minutes, I discovered that the pointy edges of the controller itself dig into your hand, so that’s not very cool.

The controller appears

The controller appears to only support a left-handed configuration, and it doesn’t look like there is a right-handed configuration mode for it. It makes me long for the Edladdin Super Twin 78 or even the Supreme 78 All Play 4/8. But in all, this is a great little device. All of the games are in arcade mode, and from what I can tell, they look EXACTLY like the real arcade games, so I enjoyed this device and I do recommend it. So let’s try Pac-Man. Press and hold A + B to quit the game okay.

That was a control issue. A waste of a free man. I want to see the intermission anyway. I’ll see what my high score is, even though I, yeah, so I didn’t get my high score, because I turned it off before pressing “B” to return. Maybe I am not holding it long enough. Ohh, I thought they were eyes, so I’ll press and hold.

That’s how you do it

Ah, that’s how you do it. Pac-Man Plus It’s so springy that it causes problems, okay. So you press and hold and then you get that menu right. Press and hold on. Ahhh, there it is. I get any blue time? No. No blue time.

That is so cool, it simulates the level 256 glitch. Mappy I remember this. Ohh, I didn’t know how to jump. I suck at these games… That’s Mappy, Rally X. Alright on this one, you have your flags, of course, they run right into me. Never Seen Bosco Man? Let’s see what Bosco Man is. Okay, I’m not very good at this. Xevious Whoops. On to my favorite, Dig Dug. You know this is. I hope you like my Pacman 30th anniversary full screen Play and Plug Review.

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