How to Choose the Next TV Series to Binge Watch

In the era of Netflix and Amazon Prime, a huge variety of shows are always accessible to viewers at any time.

You are no longer reliant on a specific TV series and are no longer required to record shows because the streaming service will not repeat them — and this is a good thing, right?

This isn’t about choosing between Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime. You have a good amount of options, regardless of the streaming service you use. And since it seems like everything gets a positive review these days, you can’t even rely on IMDb or Red Tomatoes as much.

You can’t choose which show to watch next, at least not until there is a wide range of options available. You can also consider checking out WOW channel lists by clicking here if you’d rather watch cable TV. Anyway, here are five quick ways to solve this issue.

Think about the Genres You Enjoy

Every streaming service provides a variety of genres. When you are snug in your blanket with a bowl of popcorn, you may occasionally feel more like you are watching a crime drama as others are being tried and convicted. When you want to laugh a lot with your pals and other times, you might prefer a comedy show.

If you’re unsure about which genre best suits your mood, you can do a quick online research. You will be able to find some of the most popular genres, their traits, and the best moods for each.

Choose Whether You Want to Devote Yourself to a Lengthy Series

You must choose if you want a show that will keep you entertained for a short while or a longer duration, such as Grey’s Anatomy, which will take you around a half lifetime to complete all of its seasons.

If you want some quick entertainment, look for programs with roughly three seasons, and if you want something lengthier, pick one with more than four.

Explore your Choices

You should now begin learning more about the programs you are drawn to.

You can refer to the streaming website’s reviews. Every platform provides the option to submit reviews of their shows. You can also look into what other folks think about a particular show.

You might also think about using expert websites. Many different websites offer you ratings and evaluations of shows.

Finally, you can also get recommendations from your friends. As recommendations are based on a deeper understanding of your unique interests, they are a priceless tool for decision-making. What could be better than seeing the same show that your friend did?

Check Out the Trailers

Now, you must confirm that the show matches your expectations before deciding which one to watch. Do you enjoy the show’s characters, pacing, etc.? Without viewing the actual show, it is impossible to respond to these questions.

Check YouTube to see a trailer. You can obtain a quick overview of the cast and characters by viewing the trailer. Do you think they are likable, fascinating, or boring? If the trailer grabs your attention, there’s a strong chance you’ll enjoy the show.

It’s essential to watch at least the initial two episodes because it takes time for a plot to develop and for you to understand it.

Remember that it takes time to get to know the characters and cast; a character may first come off as unsympathetic but change with the course of the program to become more likable.

Follow Your Heart 

You may occasionally want to take a risk and change things up a bit. It is entirely normal.

Everybody has those times when they just want to look for and experience something different from what they usually do. Also, the majority of streaming providers use algorithms to show you related content to what you have been watching.

You can also use the “Just Watch” app, which many people occasionally use to locate anything unusual, for this.

You can create a list in the app and add your streaming providers to it. Once new series and movies are added to those streaming sites, the app will notify you.

You can learn what’s popular across all of the services in some categories. It’s crucial to remember the first rule: identify what genre you want to watch. They divide everything into many genres that vary from traditional to contemporary, giving viewers a wide range of alternatives.

All in All

Streaming services appear to be the death knell for traditional television. You might be shocked to learn that you can still receive that on your phones and computers, though. Just be aware of where to look.

Remember to have fun while doing it, too. It’s okay if you make mistakes on your first attempt as well as the following few ones.

You can learn what you, your pals, your family, your spouse, and even your pet don’t want to watch by watching unexpectedly poor movies and TV shows. This enables you to understand the preferences of each viewer and determine what to play and what not to play the next time.

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