The 2 Best Areas In Your Life Where You Can Be Saving Money

The cost of living is out of control these days and if you aren’t looking to find areas to save then you may struggle a bit financially. It is easier to find ways to save money than to take on more work and try to make more money. Not only that but once inflation finally subsides then you have a money-saving formula to stick with so you will supercharge your savings or investments afterward. 

From the cost of owning a home to your car, and many other areas of your life there are a lot of ways to save. It takes some creative thinking and even a bit of a sacrifice in certain things. Yet, if you are tired of having nothing at the end of the month you will be happy to have these money-saving tips. 

1 – Car costs

The cost of owning a car is usually second only to the cost of owning a house. Transportation is essential so most people assume that the costs are fixed and they simply have to pay what it takes to get to work and around town. The reality is that there are many ways to save money on your car.

You can start by shopping around for the cheapest car insurance Colorado has to offer. When your current policy is about to expire then you should shop around and see if you can get a quote that beats your current insurance company.

Doing car repairs yourself can save you hundreds of dollars per year. For instance, you can change the oil in the car yourself and save on the labor costs of a mechanic. It only takes a few minutes and is easy enough for anybody to do. 

Lastly, try out some hacks like hypermiling so you can save on the cost of fuel. The cost of filling up your car doesn’t seem like it will go down anytime soon so it’s wise to consume less. Keep your tires filled properly and use cruise control when possible to reduce how much gas you use. 

2 – Home costs

Your house is the biggest area where you can save for the simple fact that you are paying most of your expenses there. The first thing to do is reduce your energy costs by curbing your consumption. Switch your light bulbs to LED to use less electricity. You should also look into trying to cool your house passively in the summer to avoid using an air conditioner. This means keeping the blinds down when the sun is brightest and using a fan to circulate air around the house. 

You can also spend less on electricity by using it most in off-peak hours. Time your dishwasher and washing machine to work at night when the rates are lowest. If you also switch to energy-efficient appliances you will see a dramatic drop in your utility bills. It will take some time to see the results but it adds up over time.

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