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Why Do Homeowners Need EICR Testing London?

EICR Testing London is a process often performed by an experienced electrician to ensure that all appliances in a building are safe and working properly. While many appliances and machines can be diagnosed as faulty on the surface. In some situations there may be a problem with the electrical installation of an appliance.

While EICR Testing London is important, it is not considered critical from a legal standpoint, and there is no law that requires periodic electrical inspections and testing of all appliances in the home. the 1989 law on electricity in the workplace states that all potentially dangerous electrical equipment must be kept in a safe The 1989 Law on Electricity at Work states that all potentially hazardous electrical equipment must be kept in a safe condition. Thus, while there are no strict laws, guidelines do exist. As to what condition equipment in the home should.

EICR Testing London should be performed everywhere: homes, hotels, restaurants, and offices. Electrical testing is not a strict legal requirement, so why spend the money? What are the benefits to you and your family? Read on to find out.

Staying Safe

Your old kettle has been in use for years and looks great in your kitchen. But when was the last time you had it EICR tested or checked by a qualified electrician?. If there is even one flaw in the electrical wiring in use. Just plugging in the kettle can cause a house fire. Someone can be seriously injured, or even killed. If an employee is injured due to a lack of safe electrical equipment, the employee is responsible for the injury.

You want to improve the safety of your employees as well as their families. And while you cannot 100% guarantee that nothing will happen after you check the device. The risk is still greatly reduced compared to doing nothing. Can you afford to lose your business or home? Sure, EICR Testing London can guarantee that the device will be completely safe when we test it, but we can’t guarantee that it won’t malfunction and become unsafe afterwards.

Reducing Risk

But electricity is extremely dangerous, and last year alone 350,000 people were injured. Many people think they can fix it themselves, so they should leave it to highly trained Milton Keynes electricians.

Electricity is more powerful than you think, and a faulty electrical installation is 20%. More likely to kill a victim than any other injury.

Obey the law.

We have already mentioned that EICR Testing London of appliances is not required by law, but it is still a good idea to secure any appliance that may fail. And in the unlikely event of a fire, serious injury, or other tragedy. You can avoid legal trouble by complying with the law as much as possible. When starting a business under a health and safety program. You need to ensure that all equipment is safe and in good repair.


Insurance companies are very strict and expect you to comply with all laws. And health and safety regulations regarding electricity at work. If you cannot prove that you have satisfactorily cared for your appliances and that your appliances are safe. The insurance company may cancel and void your policy.

In the event of an electrical accident caused by an appliance without. EICR test certificate your insurance company may deny your claim.

Protecting Yourself and Your Property

Homeowners insurance can cover many items. That may cause damage to your home but not all. Old belongings, childhood memories, and family heirlooms are common items in your home. And once they are gone, they are gone. If you have many irreplaceable items such as memories and heirlooms. Now is a good time to check your electrical appliances and electronics and do an EICR test.

Many homes have suffered electrical fires and lost all their possessions, including irreplaceable items. To prevent you and your family from suffering such a tragedy. It is important to have your appliances EICR tested. To reduce the risk of fire and damage to your home.


Overall, hiring an experienced electrician in United Kingdom. The best way to go when considering electrical work for your home, especially appliances. Do not attempt to do the electrical work yourself, as you may harm yourself or others around you. If you are looking for an electrician near you. London Property Inspections offers a wide range of services to suit all your needs. EICR Testing London are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for electrical emergencies.

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