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Get To Know More About Permanent Bracelets Today

What is that one strange thing you have come across as you scroll through your Tiktok or any social media account? Well, imagine scrolling through your Tiktok For You page, and there you have a user getting a zapped bracelet in Fairfax VA. You would be confused at first and wonder how all this happens as the user is in a typical jewelry store; you would probably keep watching. To your shock, one of the leesburg jeweler is busy welding a bracelet on the user’s wrist; quick spark and voila! A bracelet with no clasp appears on the user’s wrist.

In recent years, infinity bracelets, a notable trend, have gained popularity on social media as the jewelry industry has significantly advanced. They are commonly referred to as permanent, fused, welded, or flash bracelets. If you are still interested in knowing more about permanent bracelets, where you can get one, their price, and if they are permanent, read on. This piece sheds more light on what permanent bracelets are for those hearing about it for the first time and for anyone just doing more research as they have decided to get a permanent bracelet. You will get the relevant information here as well. 

Permanent bracelets are a type of bracelet whose ends are welded together on the wearer’s wrist instead of having a traditional clasp; hence can not be taken off like the regular bracelets, which have a clasp. Therefore, the process of having a permanent bracelet is quick and painless.

Why People Go For Permanent Bracelets

Just like tattoos, some people may choose to have permanent bracelets to signify a significant event or moment in life, while others just love the aesthetic feel of it. They can be used to mark milestones in life or bonds such as friendships or relationships. The cost will largely depend on where you choose to have the permanent bracelet fixed and the type, length of the chain, and design of the jewelry you choose. Going by the data on various websites, a “forever bracelet” seems to be priced between $98 and $350, depending on the jewelry design. The most expensive jewelry was the Diamond Fizz Sparkler which has a circular diamond mounted a the center of the simple linked chain. The least expensive bracelet is the Sweet Nothing Bracelet, a yellow-gold linked chain. 

Are the Permanent Bracelets Removable?

Despite being referred to as permanent bracelets, they can be removed easily if you get bored of wearing them daily. You can remove them with tools like scissors at home, and there is no need to seek professional help. To maintain the value of the chain, carefully cut the chain at the small ring which usually connects the to ends of a chain. 

Age Requirements To Get A Permanent Tattoo

Most jewelers are happy to put permanent bracelets on anyone over ten, but this is not the limit, as some have exceptions. Some jewelers require parental consent for those children and teens below a certain age. Therefore, age requirements differ from one jeweler to another. 

Why Gold Is The Dominant Choice For Permanent Bracelets

Most permanent bracelets are made of gold because gold is durable and does not wear away quickly compared to silver and other metals. If a bracelet remains on your wrist for a long time, rather forever, then it better maintains its shine and quality with little or no maintenance at all. Gold is also preferred for permanent bracelets as it doesn’t set off the metal detector whenever you are going through security checkpoints in an airport but incase of an MRI scan, it should be taken off.

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