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Cost Comparison Websites in the UK


MoneySuperMarket is a cost comparison website based in the UK that helps consumers compare prices on a variety of different products and services. It has over 13 million users and saves consumers around PS2 billion a year. The company is part of the MoneySupermarket Group, which also includes TravelSupermarket and MoneySavingExpert. It is a member of the FTSE 250 index.

MoneySuperMarket is a cost comparison website that helps consumers make informed decisions about energy and other products. It works with companies to provide consumers with information on different plans. The MoneySuperMarket team used an innovative approach to develop the new website. To do this, they used best-in-class design and testing. It also used a combination of qualitative and quantitative user research.

The site offers a range of comparison tools for mortgages, broadband bills and energy bills. It also has guides for basic purchases, credit cards and insurance. It also offers comparison tools for life insurance and other financial services. There are a number of other price comparison websites that focus on specific products.

The MoneySuperMarket team was looking for a solution that would be flexible and scale with the company’s growth. They wanted a platform that could handle the massive data that MoneySuperMarket had. The Braze platform allowed them to do so.


Skinflint is a cost-comparison website that offers transparency and ease-of-use. It displays complete pricing information, including online retailers’ delivery charges, and gives full technical specifications of products. It also allows users to read product reviews from industry professionals and consumers. Furthermore, it offers social media functionality, which enables users to engage with others.

The website provides comparisons of prices for various products from dropshippers in the UK and Europe. It also allows users to search for different items by category and by price. Users can refine their search with various criteria to narrow down their options to the lowest prices and best bargains. The site also provides a search field to find popular items and compare them with similar products.

Another great feature of Skinflint is that it enables consumers to compare prices while they’re on the go. It uses a barcode scanner to find the best price for the product they’re shopping for. They can also see if the item is in stock. In addition, geo-location services allow shoppers to plan their route to find the best prices near them.

Skinflint is popular with dropshippers in the UK and EU. The website compares prices from different retailers, including ecommerce merchants. This feature helps dropshippers make better pricing decisions. The website also allows users to keep track of the best deals and receive notifications when prices change.


Idealo is a cost comparison website that helps you find the best prices for products. However, it doesn’t have the best customer experience. Visitors to the site often visit three times before making a purchase. This means you need to regularly update your feed with new products to keep it relevant to users. This way, your products will show up for searches that are most relevant to them.

Idealo is a free website that lists the prices of products from a wide variety of stores and companies. You can find competitive prices for almost anything you can think of. It also features a magazine section where you can read articles on trends and new products. It’s a great way to test the latest crazes and get ideas for your next purchase. It also boasts tens of thousands of visitors every day, which can help you make more sales.

Idealo makes it easy to compare prices by displaying prices from leading retailers. You can also see how much you can save and how long it will take before you can make your purchase. The website also allows you to check out directly from Idealo’s site, which saves you time and makes the purchasing process more convenient.

Idealo’s platform guarantees accuracy of data. It uses screen scraping websites and CSV files to get the most accurate data. It also has an automated matching system and a large team of content curators to ensure accuracy. It also has a clear panel and easy-to-understand engine.


There are numerous advantages to becoming a cost comparison website. Aside from offering consumers a place to compare prices, the site can also serve as a marketing channel. By collecting data about consumer needs, a price comparison website can tailor its marketing approach. For example, if consumers want to buy cheap flights, a comparison website could show the cheapest days to buy tickets.

Customers use price comparison websites to compare offers from various sellers and suppliers. Cost comparison sites bundle multiple applications and make them easily accessible to customers. Starting a price comparison website is a profitable business idea. It requires little development and content creation costs. Price aggregators are used by eight out of 10 online shoppers.

A price comparison website is a website that gathers data from a number of vendors and renders comparisons on a single screen. These websites save prospective shoppers time and money by removing the burden of having to compare multiple prices for a particular product. They are also a great place for consumers to research significant purchases.


PriceRunner is a cost comparison website that compares prices across a range of products from leading retailers and reputable brands. The site offers a smooth user interface and includes reviews and ratings of retailers. PriceRunner lists over 2.6 million products and over 6,100 retailers. The website also allows international retailers to sell to the UK. The website receives 2.3 million visitors per month and has a global reach of 18.2 million people. Its free listing option helps retailers to promote their products to a massive audience.

PriceRunner is the UK’s largest comparison shopping website, comparing prices from more than 5,900 stores. It also has a barcode scanner that allows users to compare prices in-store. The company also boasts the distinction of being the official provider of real-time price index data for the Central Bank of Sweden. PriceRunner’s comparison service helps consumers find the best prices on various products and allows them to set price alerts so they don’t miss out on a great deal.

Pricerunner offers a clean interface and an ability to track customer activity. The site displays the best 10 products in each category, as well as expert reviews from leading reviewing sites. The site is particularly useful for dropshippers and WooCommerce retailers.

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