6 These Foods Have A Unique Effect On The Body

Every food you consume will have a direct impact on the body. Nutritious food intake will build a healthy and energetic physique, affecting your overall health. Conversely, foods high in saturated fat and sugar will instead make your body less fresh, even sleepy, and difficult to concentrate.

Behind that, some foods can have unique and unexpected effects on the body.

Foods Have A Unique Effect On The Body


Asparagus tends to give a unique odor to your health. This phenomenon is related to asparagus acid, a chemical found only in asparagus.

When your body digests this vegetable, it breaks down asparagus acid into a group of sulfur compounds. It is these compounds that cause a strange smell. Moreover, they are more potent at warm temperatures.

If you notice the color becomes different after eating beets or berries, do not panic. That is a natural thing.


Because carrots have high levels of beta-carotene, which contains orange pigment, overeating can cause carotenemia. This is a condition that gives the skin an orange color.

According to researchers from the University of Arkansas, the color is most often seen on the palms, soles of the feet, and the laughter line of your face. Cenforce 100 can help men. But do not be afraid because this will not be seen significantly. You should eat about ten carrots per day for two weeks if you want to see significant changes.


If you have been feeling bloated lately, you may be interested in eating a banana every morning. A banana a day felt their bloating complaints improved. Experts suspect that because bananas are high in potassium, this content helps balance sodium and prevent water retention.


Too much eating is suspected as a cause of drowsiness during activity. But did you know some foods contain tryptophan – an amino acid that can make you drowsy – in significant amounts? Examples are almonds, chicken, nuts, and fatty fish. So, if you want to work overtime, you may be able to be wary of these foods. Vidalista 60 to improve physical health.

Dark chocolate

In addition to being delicious, a study found that dark chocolate can reduce stress by lowering the hormone cortisol. Studies also say that sweets improve mood, memory, and immunity.

It turns out that some foods can have unique effects on the body. But relax, as long as you consume healthily, it will not cause problems. It is essential to avoid excessive intake of saturated fats and sugars, balance it with exercise, and get rid of bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. vidalista 20, cenforce 200, aurogra 100, Super p force to improve love life.

Ways to Maintain Liver Health

Did you know that the liver is the second largest organ after the skin? This makes the role of the liver very vital to the body. Namely to fight infection, remove toxins, produce bile to break down fat, and so on. If the liver cannot function normally, your health will not be prime either. Therefore, it is very important to maintain liver health from an early age.

Avoid foods high in salt and drinks high in sugar.

Excessive salt consumption is at risk of causing fluid buildup so that the liver can become swollen. Similarly, often consume foods or drinks high in sugar. Sugar is known to cause liver disease because it causes fat accumulation in the liver.

Avoid long-term consumption of drugs.

Beware! Excessive and long-term consumption of drugs can lead to permanent liver damage.

The liver can also be damaged by chemicals, especially chemicals commonly found in industrial plants. Chemicals such as carbon tetrachloride and vinyl chloride can cause liver cancer. Another chemical, chloroform, used as an anesthetic, is now banned because it can also damage liver cells.

Avoid a bad lifestyle.

Poor lifestyle related to liver health, including drinking alcohol, smoking, free sex, using drugs, syringes, tattoos, or piercings. Alcohol can cause fatty liver ( fatty liver due to alcohol) and even liver cirrhosis.

Transmission of hepatitis A and E viruses can be through poor sanitation and environmental hygiene. Poor personal hygiene can also increase the risk of contracting hepatitis A and E viruses.

Take good care of your liver health. Although your liver can regenerate on its own, severe enough damage can make the liver permanently damaged.

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