Toothache: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment Procedures

A toothache refers to any pain or soreness occurring in or around a tooth. While occasional mild tooth sensitivity or ache may not raise concern, a persistent toothache signifies a dental issue needing assessment and treatment. Ignoring a bad toothache can actually worsen the underlying problem. In this article, we’ll explain the common signs indicating a toothache, possible causes according to emergency dentists in London at Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic, and both at-home and professional toothache treatment options to stop the pain and fix the source issue.

Toothache Symptoms

How do you know you’re dealing with a problematic toothache versus minor or fleeting dental pain? Emergency dentists at Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic explain that severe, consistent tooth pain, particularly with these associated symptoms, indicate a cavity or other dental concern requiring treatment:

  • Intense tooth sensitivity and aching, especially in response to hot/cold drinks or foods
  • Sharp oral pain that occurs spontaneously or lingers for hours
  • Pain that feels like pulsing, shooting or stabbing around a specific tooth
  • Pain with chewing or exerting pressure on the problem tooth
  • Swollen gums around the irritated tooth
  • Bad odor or pus discharge from around the affected tooth

Potential Causes

Dental clinics like Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic can accurately diagnose what’s provoking your tooth pain after an assessment of the troubled area and dental x-rays. But common culprits behind toothaches include:

Cavities – Tooth decay erodes outer enamel and irritates inner dentin layers, triggering toothache pain.

Cracked Teeth – Fissures/fractures from injury or chewing hard items allow bacteria entry, igniting infection and pain.

Abscesses – Germs penetrate the pulp and spread infection into the root and jawbone manifesting as throbbing pain.

Sensitive Teeth – Gum recession exposes root surfaces that have less enamel protection, amplifying sensitivity to pain triggers.

Loose or Broken Fillings – Compromised dental fillings subject teeth to more bacteria, temperature changes, and chewing impact that translate to toothaches.

Gum Disease – Inflamed, bleeding gums with pocketing spaces also pave the way for underlying infection and dental pain.

Bruxism – Chronic teeth grinding or nighttime clenching stresses TMJ joint tissues and teeth, causing symptoms like tooth sensitivity and soreness akin to toothache discomfort.

Sinus Infections – Congested and infected maxillary sinuses behind the cheeks can emit pain perceived as originating from upper back teeth.

Treatment Options

Seeking emergency dental assistance is important when confronting severe, relentless toothaches that disrupt sleep, daily life and healthy eating. Skilled emergency dentists in London at 24-hour dental clinics like Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic offer advanced diagnostic technology and prompt treatment services to relieve toothaches and resolve the associated dental issues, including:

Treating Decay – Catching cavities early allows for small fillings, while progressed decay necessitates root canals plus crowns or extractions for toothache remedy.

Cracks/Fractures – Cracked or broken teeth may involve tooth-saving restorations or full extractions depending on severity.

Abscess Drainage – Accessing infections via the tooth or through the gums using drainage tubes brings immediate pain relief.

Antibiotics – Prescribed antibiotics curb spreading dental infections behind many tooth abscess episodes to alleviate related toothache.

Nightguards – Custom nightguards protect the teeth from excessive grinding and pressure that strains the jaw and teeth. Less trauma equals less discomfort.

When to See an Emergency Dentist

Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic emergency dentists emphasize contacting 24-hour emergency dental clinics promptly when experiencing any of the following severe toothache symptoms:

  • Unbearable tooth pain preventing sleep, normal function or eating
  • Swelling around the face or neck alongside tooth pain
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing due to tooth-related swelling
  • Tooth pain accompanied by high fever, chills and feeling ill
  • Trauma causing teeth to crack, break, become loosened or knocked out

Significant tooth pain without an identifiable cause

Seeking same-day emergency dental care assists with both pain relief and diagnosing/treating the underlying oral health issue before it worsens. Dentists have access to advanced imaging technology and tests identifying problems invisible to the eye during standard examinations. Catching developing concerns early makes treatments faster, simpler and more affordable too. Stay vigilant about severe toothaches and contact emergency dentists in London at Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic right away for urgent dental treatment needs.

Post-Treatment Care

After visiting Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic emergency dentists to resolve a painful toothache, carefully follow all provided at-home care instructions for optimal healing. This may involve adhering to a prescription medication regimen to fully treat infection, swishing gentle antiseptic mouthwashes to keep areas clean, sticking to soft foods while mouth tissues mend, avoiding certain beverages/foods that aggravate symptoms, and promptly returning for scheduled follow-up appointments. Proper post-treatment care ensures your toothache remedy lasts long term. Don’t hesitate to call Thousand Smiles Clinic with any questions or ongoing pain issues either.

Until able to see the emergency dentist London professionals for examination and treatment, at-home pain relief tactics like ice packs, OTC dental analgesics, warm salt water rinses and soft foods help temporarily alleviate extreme toothache discomfort. But dental clinic evaluation is critical for determining the exact reason behind your tooth pain so appropriate therapy can fix the problem. Don’t delay visiting an emergency dentist in London at Thousand Smiles Dental Clinic when battling painful toothaches. Fast action prevents the issue from escalating into something necessitating major dental work or even tooth loss!

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