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Top 11 Makeup Hacks Every Woman Should Know

You can have your makeup last for a long time to look glamorous. Every woman needs to keep her makeup routine easier and here in this blog, we will share some makeup hacks from face makeup to lip makeup that every woman should know to save time and money. Have a look at these hacks, and share your experience with us. 

Clean Makeup Blender Before Makeup

Using a clean makeup blender is essential for a smooth finish. Make sure you are not scrubbing the sponge and keep it gentle. No one wants bacteria or germs carried from a sponge to your face. Gentle cleansing solution would help to squeeze the excessive product. 

Getting Dewy Look Skin

It’s pretty simple to get a dewy look skin, and all you need to do is mix sheer foundation or concealer with facial oil or moisturizer to apply it with a makeup blender. It will also give you a no-makeup look and keep the glow natural. 

Don’t Avoid Setting Spray

Once you have done with makeup, look at the spray of a few spritzes about eight to ten inches away from the face. Setting spray is not an extra step, and a few sprays will make sure that it doesn’t smear the makeup. It lasts throughout the day with just a few pumps. 

Apply Bronzer In Three Shape

Apply bronzer with three shapes down both sides of the face. Going down from the temple to the cheekbone, then down to the jawline. You should be sweeping the bronzer starting at the forehead. 

Use Color Correcting Concealer 

Color correcting concealer does wonders, and it helps to conceal things such as uneven skin tone, discolorations, sunspots, and blemishes. Pick up a color correcting palette and use peach shade to hide dark circles; yellow works on discolorations, green is for redness, and purple can help brighten dullness. 

Test Foundation And Concealer On Neck

You should test the perfect foundation or concealer shade. It would be tricky, but always test foundation or concealer on the neck—swatching various shades and finding the suitable one. Testing makeup products on the face won’t give you the desired results. Just go for the swatch on the neck. The skin of the neck is in the place to swatch because it reflects the proper skin tone. 

Figure Out the Brow Shape

You need to determine the perfect brow shape because it would represent the accurate facial structure. You need to find out what shape suits you and always use a brow gel for fuller-looking brows to give your face a well-groomed look. If you have a round face, keep the eyebrow shape angular, and for a heart-shaped face, always keep your brows well-groomed and only pluck the underside to keep the top of the arch in perfect condition. 

Use Nude Eyeliner On Waterline

Line up the waterline with nude eyeliner would help make the eyes more prominent and awake. For close-set eye makeup, you should use nude eyeliner on the waterline to make your eyes brighter and wider. 

Create Standout Eyeshadow Shade With White Liner

You should apply a little white eyeliner underneath the eyeshadow to create a different look. The eye makeup will become more vibrant and opaque if you layer up the eyeshadows over a white base. 

Use A Clean Bobby Pin To Apply False Lashes

Applying false lashes would be tricky enough, and if you want to look gorgeous, then dab glue directly onto the lashes and use one end of a clean bobby pin to apply it on each lash. It won’t end up with excessive glue on lashes. You can also consider eyelash extensions to give yourself a gorgeous appearance.

Highlight The Eyes

Make sure you have highlighted the eyes and transformed the look. Everyone should know the importance of highlighting the top of cheekbones for giving yourself a glow. Try highlighting around the inner corners of the eyes and on the center of the lid for a beautiful spotlight effect.

Final Thoughts

These are the makeup hacks that every woman should need to know. If you want to transform your appearance, follow these tricks to look gorgeous. These tricks will last for long hours, and you don’t need to be worried about this. Do share your tricks with us to show excellent makeup skills. 

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