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Your ultimate guide to silk pillowcases

Silk and luxury are like Siamese twins. It provides a smooth and luxurious feeling for a sumptuous slumber. Thus, getting silk pillowcases is a sure way to enjoy a rich sleep. 

A pure silk pillowcase goes beyond just a goodnight’s sleep. It can help you save on beauty products by preserving moisture. Furthermore, it is the secret to regulating your body temperature, among other benefits. Keep reading to learn more about silk pillowcases and how to care for them.

The story behind silk

How silk made its way to our daily life is a story that dates back more than 5,000 years ago. Empress Si Ling-Chi, from Chinese legend, is said to have been drinking tea under a mulberry tree when a Bombyx Mori’s cocoon fell into her cup. The hot tea unravelled the thread, inspiring the empress to use it to weave a gown. 

The empress would use this experience later in life to create the science of silk production (sericulture). By 130 BC, China opened the Silk Road, which allowed ruling classes and emperors to experience this new rich fabric. Silk would remain one of China’s tightly kept secrets for over 3,000 years. Furthermore, it remained preserved for the wealthy in society. 

Subsequently, other countries, such as India and Japan, started learning about the fabric. The same would eventually spread across the world, where it remained within the circles of the rich for a long time. 

About silk pillowcases

Ever since its discovery, silk would provide a variety of uses, including being used to make silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases are made from threads produced by silkworms. There are various reasons why you may consider this type of pillowcase, including:

  • Bedtime breathability – Silk pillowcases are one effective way of remaining cool at night. It ensures you do not have to flip your pillow repeatedly all night long.
  • Less friction – The smoothness of silk ensures minimal friction with your delicate hair strands. It works well for all types of hair hence preventing hair loss that would have emanated from friction.
  • Strong and malleable – You can count on your silk pillowcase to last long since silk threads hold together better than most would assume. The strength and malleability are achieved without a compromise on flexibility.
  • Blends with skin-care routine – If you have a night skin-care routine, silk pillowcases can help you make the most of it. The less-absorbent material means your skin retains moisture throughout the night.

Should you choose a silk pillowcase or a satin pillowcase?

Satin pillowcases normally have a shiny appearance, something that might make most people confuse them with silk pillowcases. However, the two are uniquely different owing to the material from which each is made. 

As seen above, a silk pillowcase is made from threads produced by silkworms. On the other hand, a satin pillowcase is made from a type of weave that can have various textiles. 

Whereas satin offers reasonable benefits, it does not beat silk in comfort and luxury. Silk pillowcases feel more organic and richer, giving you a sense of contentment with your investment in the pillowcase.

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