What Are the Pros and Cons of eSports?

eSports don’t require physical labor and don’t have the health benefits of physical sports. It can be considered an art form, like playing the violin or drawing, but it is not a sport. Nevertheless, it is loved by more than 400 million fans worldwide. Moreover, its number is steadily increasing.

In recent years, CS: GO, Dota 2, LoL, and Rainbow 6 conquest tournaments have become trendy events for professional gamers. Moreover, eSports is a source of many professional incomes. Amateur players also spend a lot of time on games. But it has both positive and negative aspects.

Esports Advantages and Disadvantages

eSports is entertainment. But, as with any entertainment, playing too much can cause various problems.


  • Improved hand-eye coordination. As eSport news research states, experienced gamers make 300 to 400 accurate movements per minute. Hand-eye coordination is required to perform these actions.
  • Improved attention and eyesight. Gamers are always attentive when playing. They acquire the mysterious ability to track objects and can focus on a game without being influenced by external factors.
  • Improved decision-making and problem-solving skills. eSports requires players to make quick decisions and plans. Gamers focus on when and what to do and think about strategies to beat opponents.
  • Expanded sociality. eSports makes you more sociable. That was especially important during a global pandemic when people were physically isolated. Many gamers find cyberspace an opportunity to interact with friends and get the last eSport news.


  • Addiction. According to cybersport news, in 2018, the name “gaming disorder” was included in the International Classification of Diseases. Some people prioritize eSports so much that it affects their health and life.
  • Joint pain. Cybersport games require ridiculously repeated movements of the thumb, fingers, and hands. This causes inflammation and tendonitis. Common concerns include “gamer’s thumb,” which is an inflammation of the tendon that moves the thumb, “carpal tunnel syndrome,” a nerve compression that causes numbness and weakness of the hand, as well as “tennis elbow” that causes irritation and inflammation of the tissue that connects the forearm and elbow.
  • Nutritional neglect. Gamers often sit in the same place for hours playing games or visiting an eSport news website. Sometimes they forget to eat or take a snack. 
  • Sedentary lifestyle. Many gamers focus on games, sacrificing all other activities, including movement. Players with a strong sense of competition may risk blood clots after sitting for a long time.
  • Mood and sleep disorders. It has been proven that eSports cause mood or social disorders. Lack of exercise, malnutrition, hydration, depression due to lack of light, etc., occur because of video games.

Get a Sense of Balance in eSports

If you are a professional player, it is difficult to avoid the pitfalls of eSports. However, there are things you can do to minimize the negative effects on health.

  1. Take frequent breaks;
  2. Take time for “real” exercises;
  3. Try to eat healthily and at regular intervals;
  4. Know your limits. If you are not a professional gamer, try not just to play games and read international eSport news, but diversify your activities.

eSports is an activity that involves millions of people, including children. But you need to achieve a balance so that you don’t have problems.

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