The 5 Best Co-Op Games To Play After Beating It Takes Two

It Takes Two is currently one of the best co-op games available, but there are some more amazing co-op games to try after finishing it.

It Takes Two, the much anticipated co-op game from Hazelight Studios, is now available. It’s already gotten rave reviews and is establishing itself as one of the best co-op games available, which isn’t surprising given that it was created by the same team that created A Way Out, another popular and unique co-op experience.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderful Worlds

Those looking for something with the same style and flair as It Takes Two, in terms of colourful surroundings and inventive tale, but with a bit more maturity and lots of crazy guns and spells, should explore Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Gearbox’s newest game is a spin-off from the massive Borderlands series, taking players on a Dungeons & Dragons-style looter shooter with Tiny Tina, one of the series’ most recognisable and amusing characters.

Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Strange of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is without a doubt one of the most interesting spin-offs in the Final Fantasy series. Although players can simply run through the plot and enjoy the action for themselves, many believe that this release is far better played jointly. Players can build password-protected or public online rooms and invite up to two others to help them combat and destroy Chaos.

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The cooperative option works unexpectedly well, making this a Final Fantasy adventure that fans will remember fondly because of its unexpected inclusion of a cooperative style of play.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land

Final Fantasy Origin

Those looking for a fun and wholesome experience that is as colourful and appealing as It Takes Two will enjoy Kirby and the Forgotten Land with a friend or loved one. This Kirby journey is unlike any other, pitting the pink puffball (along with a companion in Bandana Waddle Dee) against a colourful cast of adversaries in a 3D adventure reminiscent of Super Mario Odyssey. Those looking for something a little more relaxed than the other franchises on our list should download Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which allows players to jump in with a second Joycon or Pro Controller.

Army Of Two

When it originally came out on the Xbox 360, this third-person shooter brought together a lot of enthusiasts. Army Of Two provides everything that a standard couch co-op shooter should have: the opportunity for both players to explore the game in their own unique way. Army of Two gives both parties a sense of importance.

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Playing rock, paper, scissors to determine who gets the sneak kill adds a new level of entertainment because both players are still engaged. Running into a location with a player and a friend would be unparalleled due to the mayhem of gunshots and screaming while shouting at players, which would get any player’s blood pumping. In general, Army Of Two accomplished what many co-op games fail to do: it made both players feel like heroes in their own right.

As Dusk Falls

As demonstrated by Supermassive Games, interactive dramas can be an excellent fit for co-op experiences. While It Takes Two, Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures Anthology, and The Quarry are all enjoyable, they are horror games that are completely different from It Takes Two. As a result, As Dusk Falls by Interior Night is a more complementary option because, like Hazelight’s title, it deals with familial ties.

The game generally follows the genre’s usual gameplay loop, with players tasked with gathering resources, constructing a base, and fending off a few predators. While Grounded may be played alone, it also supports co-op, allowing players to work together to overcome the obstacles of an unruly lawn.

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