What Are The Most Common Causes of Divorce In Massachusetts?

There are generally two types of divorce in Massachusetts– one is contested, and the other is uncontested. The right type of divorce will depend on your unique circumstances. What worked for your friend or relative may not be the best for you. The state of your marriage, your relationship with your spouse, your post-divorce goals, and whether you have children. 

That being said, there are various reasons why people file for divorce in Massachusetts. It could be financial problems, cheating, wanting different things, etc. 

Regardless of what your reason is, it is good to have an Andover divorce lawyer to protect your rights. No two divorces are the same, so it is important to have someone who can guide you through the journey. 

Most common causes of divorce in Massachusetts –

1. Lack of commitment from one or both partners.

To establish a healthy and strong relationship, you need to stay committed to your partner. The bad news is that only a lack of commitment from one spouse can doom the marriage. Both partners should stay equally committed. If either one of them lacks it, the relationship will eventually suffer. The imbalance in commitment can be drastic.

2. Infidelity.

Infidelity can affect relationships and destroy marriages. Cheating involves faithfulness toward your partner and betrayal, which can be hard for a partner to overcome. This problem is not simply solved when your partner’s extramarital affair terminates. It takes a lot more to forgive and rebuild trust between each other.

3. Lack of intimacy between the spouses.

Intimacy is not only being physically close to your partner. It involves emotional connection and vulnerability. Couples do great when they share their emotions, show love and affection, and communicate about their feelings. However, when this bond degrades, the couple may start to feel isolated and ignored. 

4. Communication problems.

Lack of communication is one of the major factors of a divorce. Couples who do not have a good hold on communication do not know how to resolve conflicts, suffer misunderstandings, and end up hurting each other’s feelings. Good communication is required everywhere in a good relationship, including finances, areas of disagreement, sensitive topics, etc.

5. Too much conflict.

Too much conflict, getting mad at minor topics, and going to bed angrily every night are not the signs of a healthy marriage. You can not survive much longer when your home, which is supposed to be a relaxing place, is more stressful than your worst days at work. 

Your partner is your shelter, a comfort place after a hectic day, and your cheerleader when you feel low. Having constant conflicts with your partner can be a concerning factor in your married life.

6. Marrying at a young age

According to a survey, 45.1% of marriages come to an end when both partners decide to marry at a young age. This is because young minds often make impulsive decisions. As you age, your needs, desires, and wants also change with time. However, the problem arises when both partners outgrow their young behavior and fail to be on the same page. What you liked when you were young might not be the case when you grow up. And when the other partner fails to understand your changing behaviors and needs, going separate ways looks like the right choice. 

7. Lack of family support

According to Forbes’ study, the lack of family support received by both partners has been a major concern, amounting to 43% chances of divorce. During marriage, it is vital for people to receive support from their families. When families cannot come to an understanding of the marriage, divorce cases can arise. 

8. Financial stress

Another prominent cause that leads to divorce is financial stress. Marriage works by both partners walking hand-in-hand. This applies to financial responsibilities, too. Often, if the financial burden comes to one person alone, the person might end up frustrated and angry. Similarly, if one partner’s needs are not being fulfilled financially by their partner, they might not be willing to continue to sacrifice. 

9. Substance abuse

Substance abuse should never romanticized or normalized. If one partner is heavily a victim of substance abuse, the marriage can take a different toll on both of them. This is because, in the state of intoxication, the partner might forget their responsibilities, putting mental stress on the other partner. Additionally, substance abuse also leads to disrupted marriage where other problems can add up, including financial stress, lack of communication, rise of conflicts, abuse, etc. When all the issues pile up, staying in the marriage can be emotionally draining for a person, which only makes divorce the right option. 

The causes of divorce can vary from one marriage to another. However, if you are considering to opt for a divorce, it is important to seek legal guidance first rather than making impulsive decisions. Divorce is a permanent decision, and you do not want to take it in a rush and regret later.

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