Know How to Change PAN Card Name after Marriage?

PAN, a Permanent Account Number, is a proof of identity to file income tax returns for Indian citizens. It facilitates cash deposits or high-value transactions in India. The Government can regulate transactions with the help of PAN Cards within the country. Indian Income Tax Department has the right to issue PAN Card for an individual or company. Since it works as identity proof, applicants should give accurate data. Indian women might experience a problem as their surname changes after marriage. In such cases, a PAN card name update after marriage is mandatory to avoid any mess in the future. They should keep it updated, such as their driving license, Aadhaar Card, etc.

How to do the name update after marriage on a PAN card?

PAN card contains the name, gender, date of birth, and PAN number of the PAN cardholder. Generally, women add their husband’s names after their names upon marriage. So, the following steps will be followed to change the name on the PAN card after marriage.

Step 1: First, log on to the official website UTIITSL or TIN-NSDL to make any corrections or changes to your PAN card.

Step 2: You have to fill the form accurately and mention the details which should be alike in your supporting documents.

Step 3: Do not forget to mention details regarding PAN and select the box which is front of your name

Step 4: Click on the ‘validate’ option to ensure correct information.

Step 5: Click the ‘submit’ button after confirming the details

Step 6: Payments should be made to process your change request.

Step 7: You can make the online payment using various payment modes such as Credit card, Debit card, Net Banking, or Cash card

Step 8: After completing the payment successfully, download the PAN application form and take a printout of it

Step 9: Affix two of your recent passport size photographs on the PAN application form and sign across the photos

Step 10: Submit self-attested document proof to support your name change in the PAN form

Step 11: If you apply change/changes in PAN Card through the NSDL site, send the application to NSDL through post or to UTIITSL if the form was filled through the UTIITSL portal

Step 12: You can use your application number to track the status of your PAN application.

Thus, you can do a PAN card name change after marriage online or other details online.

What documents are required to change name after marriage on PAN Card?

You should provide the following supporting documents along with the duly-filled application for name change after marriage:

  • Wedding invitation and Marriage certificate
  • A copy of your passport having your spouse’s name
  • Certificate issued by a Gazetted officer
  • Official gazette that contains the publication of your name change
  • Once the application is processed, a new PAN card with the new name & the same PAN Number (a 10-digit alphanumeric) will be issued.

PAN Card name change Offline Process:

  • Download the form for PAN correction or changes
  • Fill in all the mandatory fields carefully.
  • Enclose supporting documents, including passport size photos, address, and identity proofs
  • Submit the form at your nearest NSDL collection center
  • Pay the applicable charges for PAN CARD offline correction or update. A 15-digit acknowledgment number will be provided to you to track the status of your PAN card application.

Thus, you can follow and get a PAN name change after marriage offline.

Paperless e-KYC for PAN Card Name change after marriage

When filling out the PAN Card form, an applicant can choose paperless e-KYC (Know your customer). If you follow this method, you shall neither submit the additional documents nor send the manual application form to UTIITSL or NSDL by post. By following the below process, you can carry out e-KYC:

  • Aadhaar-based e-KYC with e-Sign
  • Using Digi locker documents or scanned documents with your e-Sign
  • Using Digi locker or scanned documents with Digital Signature Certificate

Does a PAN Number change with a surname change?

Note that your PAN card number remains unchanged even if you change your signature or surname. The Permanent Account Number and PAN number will remain unaffected by your changes. This 10-digit alphanumeric is assigned to taxpayers by the Indian Income Tax department. PAN number is essential for financial transactions like stock market investments, purchasing and selling assets, receiving salaries, and investing in mutual funds. The Income Tax Department links all your transactions to your PAN Card number. It is one of the photo identification documents accepted for an individual.

Is it mandatory for a PAN card name to change after marriage?

Women who change their surnames after marriage shall also include the changes in their PAN cards. The necessary changes will only be done once the Income Tax Department receives a request for an online or offline application.

Important points to be noted

  • The applicant must apply in a request for any modifications or/ and a new PAN card which differs from Form 49AA and Form 49A, for corrections in the PAN database, or request for PAN card issuance.
  • You should fill up all the necessary details in the mandatory fields of the form for corrections or modifications and, if necessary, select the box on the top left margin where revisions are required.
  • The Department of Income Tax database will update the communication address by using the address given by the applicant in the form to change or correct PAN data or reissue a new PAN card.

While filling the name change requirement in PAN, follow the instructions:

  • Use black ink and capital letters only
  • Your photo should be legible
  • Include your correct phone number & email address to receive an OTP and email
  • Do not do any corrections or overwriting in the form
  • Don’t leave your sign out of the indicated box
  • Don’t provide any extra or unwanted information


Above all, the required documents must be self-attested along with your application form. With no self-attestation, changes will never be made to your PAN. The application must reach NSDL and self-attested copies of the required documents. Thus, you can do a PAN card update after marriage.

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