What are Styrofoam sheets


Polystyrene (PS) plastic is an obviously obvious thermoplastic this is to be had as each an average stable plastic as properly within side the shape of an inflexible foam cloth. PS plastic is generally utilized in lots of customer product programs and is likewise mainly beneficial for business packaging. 

Dow Chemical Company invented a proprietary procedure to make their trademarked and famous polystyrene foam product “styro foam” in 1941. The cloth is truly debatable among environmental organizations due to the fact it’s miles sluggish to biodegrade and is an increasing number of gift as outside litter.


The stable plastic shape of polystyrene is generally utilized in clinical tool programs like check tubes or petri dishes, or in every day gadgets just like the housing for your smoke detectors, the case you used to shop for your CDs in, and regularly as a box for ingredients like yogurt or the red “solo” cup you drink from at a tailgate and/or whilst you’re dropping in a recreation of beer-pong.


The foam shape of polystyrene is used most usually as a packing cloth. You have in all likelihood unpacked a custom styrofoam housing if you’ve ever offered a brand new television, or a sizeable piece of latest system like a Miter saw. 

Similarly, you’re in all likelihood acquainted with its packing “peanuts” used as filler for miscellaneous small gadgets being shipped. Styrofoam is likewise used for “to-go” boxes and disposable tableware from many restaurants.


  • Polystyrene is commonly (however now no longer always) a homo-polymer that means that its miles composed best of the monomer styrene in aggregate with itself.
  • Depending at the kind of PS it is able to be categorised as a “thermoplastic” or a “thermoset” cloth. The call has to do with the manner the plastic responds to heat.
  • A essential beneficial characteristic approximately thermoplastics is they may be heated to their melting point, cooled, and reheated once more without sizeable degradation.
  • Instead of burning, thermoplastics liquefy, which lets in them to be effortlessly injection moulded after which finally recycled.

Why it is used:

We have additionally visible PS used as a sort-of residing hinge cloth. There are clean disposable PS boxes that characteristic like a clamshell with a hinge within side the middle. The hinge in this example is a bit unique than your conventional PP residing hinge.

Typically the PS hinge is greater of a chain of bends that permit the clamshell to flex and open up. Whether it’s miles technically a residing hinge or now no longer, it nevertheless works thoroughly and may be effortlessly thermoformed.

How it is made:

Polystyrene, like different plastics, begins off evolved with the distillation of hydrocarbon fuels into lighter organizations called “fractions” a number of which might be mixed with different catalysts to provide plastics. 

You can study approximately the procedure in greater intensity here. Polystyrene foam is produced using “blowing agents” that extend and reason the froth to shape in a kingdom such that its miles mainly composed of trapped air.


This article gathers the information about styrofoam sheets and explain the packaging system. This blog post also mentioned some characteristics and states that why it is used and how it is made.

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