Struggling to Find a Job? Check Out These 5 Tips

Applying for work can be daunting and frustrating, especially if the process takes longer to yield results than we’d hoped. Many people Struggling with unemployment for months on end, and the journey can be incredibly disheartening.

If this is you (or if you want to avoid this being you), here are some tips that can help you land an interview ASAP. 

Style Your Resume

We all know that it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but that doesn’t mean an eye-catching resume ever hurt anybody. In fact, jazzing up your document to look sleek and professional could be the thing that catches a recruiter’s attention and forces them to take a closer look. 

Don’t neglect the details – make it look good. You can use a free resume builder to find the perfect template and tailor it to exactly what you need. 

Customize Your Resume and Cover Letter

While you’re in the process of editing your resume, get ready to do it again. And again. And… again. Yes, tailoring your CV and cover letter to align perfectly with every job you apply for is the best way to go about things. 

You don’t need to redo the entire thing each time, but try to slot in important keywords and adjust paragraphs here and there, and make sure you highlight the technical skills you have that are specific to your industry or to each specific job you apply for. 

Start Networking

We all know that in business, it’s all about who you know. However, building career connections isn’t as simple as meeting buddies at a book club. Getting started networking can be really daunting, but it’s very helpful for those looking for work.

You don’t need to march the streets with a sign declaring your skills. Simply make more of an effort to put yourself in spaces where others in your industry might be lurking, slip your expertise into the conversation, and who knows what will happen.

Upskill in the Meantime

While you’re sitting at home without a job, there are useful things you could be doing with your time that would help you in the long run (other than clicking ‘apply’ on every listing that pops up).

Remember that there are some essential skills that every resume needs, and things that could be beneficial to you as a job seeker. Start looking online for affordable courses or other ways to upskill yourself while you’re on the hunt.  

Don’t Limit Yourself

Finally, take a moment to consider how you might expand your horizons. If you’ve been searching Linkedin for work, that’s fine, but there are other routes to take too. Look at various job sites, and even on other social media platforms like Facebook, where companies often note that they’re hiring.

If there are specific companies you might be a good fit for, check out the career section on their website and see if there’s anything open that might be a good option for you. Even word of mouth is a great option, so let people know you’re looking.

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