How to Survive the Transition to a Vegan Lifestyle?

Many people like you must have wondered if they could handle a vegan lifestyle. Thanks to celebrities who gave tips and made it look so easy, veganism has gained attention and popularity in the food industry. 

It becomes more appealing if you consider all the health and environmental benefits of becoming a vegan. The whole process may overwhelm you, but sometimes the idea of change is scarier than the actual change. 

How Do I Prepare Mentally?

Before actually transitioning, first and foremost, you have to go over your personal reasons for switching lifestyles. Keep thinking about the benefits of the change you are about to undertake. It’s all about the mindset you want to have. Fighting those negative thoughts with knowledge about veganism will surely help you to start. 

Learn About the Vegan Lifestyle

Give yourself a crash course before approaching the change to gain more confidence. The more you know about it, the lesser terrified you’ll be because you know that you have gone over the fundamentals. 

You may enjoy watching motivational movies and documentaries featuring veganism. There are a lot of materials on Youtube and, nowadays, Tiktok about veganism that will open your eyes and get you excited about switching. Remember, mindset. 

What’s a Vegan Lifestyle?

You’ll be surprised that being a vegan is not just about the food. It includes all sorts of animal-derived products, such as leather and silk. People who follow this type of lifestyle are called vegans. A common misconception is that a vegan is the same as a vegetarian.

Is it Easier to Be a Vegetarian than a Vegan?

One thing is the two have in common is they both choose not to consume meat. But vegans are known to be much more strict about their lifestyle. They do not consume nor use products that come from exploiting animals. A helpful tip for transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is to become a vegetarian first, then move on to veganism one step at a time. 

Collect Recipes 

Surely at first, you thought that being a vegan meant eating less tasty foods. You also must’ve thought how hard it must be to cook meals that would fit such a strict lifestyle. But now that you are well-researched about veganism, you already know that that isn’t entirely true.

Since it has become more popular, many recipes have surfaced on the internet. Food bloggers and influencers have also become a thing, so so much content has been put out there. Watching them cook meals that are both mouth-watering and easy to prepare will get you to switch smoothly. 

Start Slow

You can never be a vegan overnight. Start small. A good start can be just by adding portions of fruits or salads to your meals. You can increase them weekly or monthly as long as you don’t get overwhelmed immediately. 

After you get used to that, you can move on to another small challenge. Rid portions of dairy products in your daily intake, eliminate small amounts of meat in your meals, and swap ingredients with another ingredient. Take on a new challenge at a pace you think will help you adjust better.  

Enjoy the Change

It doesn’t have to be hard. As mentioned earlier, veganism isn’t just about food. Don’t look at it as a sacrifice. Rather look at it as a new experience that you can enjoy. Now that you are starting to embrace veganism, you don’t only get to change internally.

It might also be helpful to change your overall look to really get the feel of lifestyle transitioning. You can start checking out vegan fashion items like vegan leather bags, vegan shoes, clothes, and accessories. They’re a thing, and there’s a whole new world out there that you can indulge in and enjoy.


Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle is not easy for everyone. Be patient with your mind and body, as it will take time to adapt to new conditions. It’s a journey, just like other food experts and nutritionists say. But it’s your journey. So whatever your reasons are for wanting to go vegan, it’s still all up to you and your mindset on how you will manage to do the transition. 

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