How to Make Sure Your First Horse Show Goes Well

There are plenty of different ways to fully and properly prepare for your first horse show. Ultimately, the more prep work you have done, the better it is likely to go. It is inevitably going to be the case that both you and your horse will end up much happier if you have done a great deal of preparation and are fully ready for what will happen. So, here are a few different elements that can all have an impact here. 

Ensure You Have Done Enough Training 

Before anything else, you need to have done enough training work. This way, it can help to ensure that you are prepared for what is going to happen, and it is much more likely to go smoothly. You should be adequately aware of the running order and know about all of your warmup routines, etc. At the same time, you should also be aware that it may not all go smoothly, so you should assume that a few mistakes will occur along the way. It is better to overprepare and train for every possible scenario to cope better on the day. 

Make Sure All of the Equipment is Ready 

There is no doubt that you should have all of your equipment properly ready to go on the day before. You could even double-check with a list, ticking it all off along the way to give yourself some peace of mind that it has not been forgotten. As well as making sure that it is all ready, it is also the case that it should all be properly presentable. Your horse also needs to be looking at their very best, so ensure that all grooming activity has been completed. 

Get Help Where Needed 

If you have more experienced people coming along with you, there is no doubt that this can go a long way toward giving you some much-needed peace of mind. At the same time, you should also think about any additional services that will provide you with a helping hand. For example, if you need horse transport, it is certainly going to be important that you take care of this sooner rather than later. It removes some of the stress of the horse show because you don’t have to worry about how you will get your horse there and back. 

Arrive with Plenty of Time to Spare 

It is certainly important that you arrive with plenty of time to spare as this will lead to a situation in which you can be calm and ready for what is ahead of you rather than feeling like you will be overly stressed out by it. At the same time, it allows you to properly work out such areas as warmup etiquette to ensure that you are not making any mistakes here. 

All of these are amongst the different ways that you can make sure that your first horse show goes as well as possible. However, do not assume that it is going to go perfectly right from the outset, as you are still there to learn.

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