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How can the Overseas find the Ideal Property in Blue World City


Blue World, one of the gigantic housing societies in Pakistan, is a home for local and overseas communities. So, the question comes down to providing facilities, infrastructure & grandeur that match the world level to attract overseas communities to their roots while living an intelligent lifestyle. Moreover, it can sometimes be confusing for overseas in terms of what property they would want to invest in & what could turn out to be ideal. So, here’s a helpful guide for a perfect property in Blue World City. Moreover, it is highly advisable for all investors, local & overseas alike, to do thorough research before investing. It is to avoid any future insolvencies & mishaps.

Blue World City Overseas Block Location

The Blue World City location is one of the most fundamental factors why investors & masses, in general, are taking a considerable interest in society. Whether it is the phenomenon of exceedingly high commercial area with the flood of infinite business & career opportunities & perfectly tailored & innovative lifestyle-oriented approach, the society’s location is worth everything.

The location of the overseas block is at an exceedingly supreme, solid & profitable location. Therefore, all the major key points to travel around for personal & professional means are high in reach. Moreover, you can also access Chakri Road directly.

Master Plan

The master plan of the Blue World City Society, in general, & overseas block, in particular, stands next to perfection. Therefore, the potential investors & masses will have varied options to choose the desired & wanted plot as per their financial feasibility. However, remember that the amenities & facilities are the same & the availability of an intelligent lifestyle is a must.

Here is the overseas master plan;

  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Overseas Block Payment Plan

Blue World City Payment Plan is one of the biggest reasons the overseas community can find a house in their home country. Moreover, the easy instalment plan for the overseas community is making great waves & mounting high hype with time. Masses are taking the golden opportunity hands-on. What sets Blue World City apart from other societies is that it offers an all-in-one package which is incredibly ideal & apt for residential & commercial means.

Moreover, the payment plan is as follows;

  • 7 Marla costs 1,540,000, while the down payment is 154,000. The monthly, however, is 15,400.
  • 10 Marla costs 2,145,000 while the down payment is 214,000. Along with this, the monthly instalment is 21,450.
  • 14 Marla costs 2,800,000, while the down payment is 280,000. The monthly, however, is 28,000
  • 1 Kanal costs 3,850,000 with a down payment of 385,000 & monthly instalment of 38,500.
  • 2 Kanal costs 3,850,000 with a down payment of 385,000 & monthly instalment of 38,500.

NOC Status

The house legality holds exceptional importance as it builds a bond of great comfort, assurance & belief among investors & developers alike. Moreover, the No Objection Certificate from the concerned authorities is also essential to avoid future issues, mishaps & general inconveniences.

It is pertinent to inform all overseas investors that Blue World City is a perfectly legalized society by the concerned authorities (RDA).

Booking Process 

Once the investor has made up the mind to invest in Blue World City overseas block, getting the booking process right is also essential. It is highly appreciated to be aware of online scams & mishaps. Also, knowing the process is always a good idea instead of falling for the ever-growing. 

The documents required to book a plot in the overseas block in Blue World City are as follows;

  • Document of the investor’s NICOP card
  • ID Card of the next Kin
  • Passport size Picture
  • Form Fill out
  • Completing the payment process through either cash or bank draft


Blue world City is one of the top choices in real estate. The overseas community will find an ideal home in the Blue World City, considering the number of facilities & amenities along with world-class infrastructure. The promise of luxury, splendidness & long-term investment is possible here. Moreover, since the society is in the hands of Pakistan’s most trusted, skilled & experienced housing society builders & developers, the trust & assurance exceed the roof. Therefore, investing in the overseas block of Blue World City will be highly lucrative & beneficial. The thorough guide of all next-to-perfection features the society offers for the overseas community is explained along with the booking process.

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