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How to clean up after work using different machines

Carrying out construction work or reform with machines, whether in your house, or apartment. Office or company, always generates a lot of enthusiasm and uncertainty. Because we are convinced of seeing expected results. We also know that all this can cause us stress due to annoying noises, dust and debris while the process lasts.

After carrying out the task of making a reform, there are pieces of evidence and traces of dirt. So many occasions by following some small tips. You will be able to eliminate the residue almost completely. Sometimes it is necessary to use equipment that is responsible for removing everything that We can not.  Our Contract Cleaning Services is one of the best in Portsmouth.

Now, if you want to save yourself all these deep cleaning procedures. You don’t have a lot of time and patience for that, and at the same time, you don’t have the necessary tools. Don’t worry, we offer you the perfect solution hiring professional machines and tools that we have for you. At The Super Cleaners, we make this task much easier.

Cleaning tips after doing work and reforms

When a work is carried out, it is necessary to make preparations before starting, ensuring that the impact that this causes is as little as possible. To begin with, you must condition the spaces , the elements that can be moved and place them in another safe place. Those that cannot be removed must be covered with the appropriate material.

You will also have to protect the door and window frames with insulating tape and remove the doorknobs, which minimizes cleaning once the work is finished

One of the things to do immediately is dusting, first superficially and then more deeply once you have removed the surface covers and electrical tapes. Open the windows to circulate the air and the scattered particles, you can help yourself with a fan.

For this task it is better to use a vacuum cleaner several times and clean the filter frequently, this will help you remove much more dust and debris instead of using a broom.

The walls and ceilings can be reviewed once the paint or covering that you have placed has dried well and is free of moisture, thus correcting the imperfections that are noticed at the end of the work or remodeling.

If, on the other hand, you have not painted walls or ceilings, remove the dirt accumulated on their surfaces with a clean mop moistened with water only and pass it through cracks, walls and ceilings as if you were mopping. Let dry very well.

Cleaning in more difficult areas after doing works

The most difficult surfaces to clean are windows and floors because that is where the largest amount of mud, cement, plaster or paint residues will fall and they will have to be removed as quickly as possible , for this it is necessary to use specific products depending on what has been used as paint, plaster, cement and others.

Once the superficial cleaning is finished, it is necessary to clean it with a damp mop with water and detergent so that it does not cause scratches or scratches on furniture, floors, windows and doors . When the surfaces are completely dry, you can vacuum again to remove any remaining elements.

Advantages of renting machines and tools

At TSC we are specialized in renting machinery and tools for everything you need . And if you want to carry out a deep cleaning after a work, we have the necessary equipment so that your spaces are free of dust, residue and dirt with a minimum investment for rent, for as long as you need.

You will not have to buy expensive machines that you will use very little or will not use again, you will not need a space to store them and thus you will prevent them from deteriorating over time . You will save time, money and effort with the right machinery and tools. If what you want is to enjoy the advantages of carrying out a thorough and professional cleaning so that your spaces are gleaming, the best thing is that you hire The Super Cleaners. We offer you the possibility of using tools and machinery that fit your needs with a certified guarantee.

We have a commitment to working hard every day to offer our clients the best solutions, since we specialize in the rental of machines and tools, with personalized advice, answering all your questions and concerns with the necessary equipment.

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