How KN95 Mask Compares To Its N95 Counterpart

Many people often feel confused about the KN95 and the N95 mask. The confusion largely comes about because the two types of masks have almost the same name. Whereas each of these masks provides a high level of protection and is recommended by the CDC, you may wonder which one is better than the other. 

Different elements exist for comparing the KN95 mask to the N95. Some of these include quality, and cost differences, among others. 

Even though this article is about the KN95, we must acknowledge that the KN95 is the gold standard for personal protection. N95 is considered the most effective PPE, based on several studies. However, that does not mean the KN95 mask is less effective in protecting you. After all, the KN95 is a great choice when you want a respirator you can wear for long hours while remaining comfortable. Additionally, you will have an easy time finding the KN95 than the N95. 

Benefits of the KN95 mask over the N95

#1: Cost friendly

One of the key strengths of the KN95 mask is that it allows you to use personal protective equipment (PPE) without breaking the bank. You can buy the mask from BNX in 10, 20, or 50 packs at highly affordable rates. 

The cost-friendliness is important because it means you cannot be left out of using the protection due to the price factor. Furthermore, that makes the mask available to people from all walks of life, including those who would have used cloth masks.

#2: Easily available

Stock availability plays an important role in maintaining consistency in using PPE. Compared to the N95, the KN95 mask appears to be the most available. You have fewer chances of being notified that the mask is unavailable when you need it the most. 

Imagine creating the habit of wearing your mask, but then you have to wait for a couple of days when you run out of stock. That would break the habit you created and risk making you accustomed to staying without a mask. 

#3: Comfortable to wear

The comfort level when you put on your mask is very important when deciding between KN95 and N95. The KN95 is the most comfortable respirator you can ever try. It is lightweight and breathable, making you wear it the whole day without even realizing you’ve been in a mask all along. 

Health officials often deal with cases of people taking off their masks after a short period. That mainly happens when someone finds breathing difficult with the mask on. KN95 deals with this issue by providing a breathability rating of 50% plus, higher than the NIOSH-recommended rating for the N95 mask.

#4: Effective

A mask is only as good as its ability to protect you against various variants. Tests done on the KN95 give it an effective rating of 95%, the same as the N95. The respirator filters most airborne particles, mainly those of 0.3 microns or larger. 

Even though the KN95 mask has this high effectiveness rating, you must also use it correctly to leverage the benefit. Ensure it is tight-fitting on the face and the nose clip is well-secured.

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