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Home Weatherization: Tips On How To Weatherize Your Home

Are you just moving to a new home? If yes, you must be thinking of exactly what to do to make your home more conducive for living. Well, one of the many things you can do is home weatherization – a practice of protecting your apartment and its interior from various elements, including sunlight, heat, cold, and wind.

Today, there are many ways to perform weatherization in your home. One of them is by installing the right Vanity crawl space vent covers in your home. Read on to find out other ways to weatherize your home, the right way.

4 tips on how to weatherize your home appropriately

As you already know, home weatherization is an important process for anybody moving to a new building. This process doesn’t only protect your home’s spaces from sunlight, heat, and cold. In addition, it also helps to improve energy efficiency and decrease energy consumption in your home.

For you to get the best out of your home, you need to weatherize your home the right way, using these approaches:

  1. Identify your energy consumption

For you to perform home weatherization the right way, you need to first identify the exact amount of energy that you consume and waste in your home. For instance, you need to check and be sure no cold air is leaking through your window. If this happens, then you need your HVAC system to work even harder to resolve the issue.

One effective way to identify your home’s energy consumption is by hiring an energy audit. This expert will be responsible for finding any leaks in your home spaces.

2. Air seal your building 

Another home weatherization best practice involves air sealing your home to reduce energy wastage. But when should you use this approach?

The best time to consider air sealing your home is if you notice cold air leaking through your windows. Matter of fact, this weatherizing approach is suitable for any air leaks in your home.

3. Moisture controls

Surely, you’ll agree with me that having moisture around your home is very dangerous. High moisture levels in your home can end up damaging the paintwork. In addition, this issue can always encourage the growth of molds and mildew.

Today, you can control your crawl space moisture level in your home in a few ways:

  • First, you can control moisture by resolving leaks and seepage-related issues.
  • Dehumidifiers and air conditioners are also effective for controlling the moisture level in your home.
  • According to the US EPA, another thing you can consider doing is by making sure your crawl space is properly ventilated.

4. Crawl space insulation

Crawl space insulation is another effective way to weatherize your new home. This practice is effective for maintaining your home’s overall energy efficiency.

Here’s the thing; without good foundation insulation, you can easily lose cool air and heat through your floor. This is certainly not a good one for your energy consumption. To avoid heat and air loss, you need to add the right insulation to your home.You can speak to Vanity Vents regarding your crawl space insulation needs. At affordable prices, you’ll get the right solution that’ll help you decrease your energy bills. This solution will keep your home cooler during the summer months and warmer in the winter days.

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