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Exactly How To Shop Fashion On Amazon Prime

Amazon is an incredible platform where you can reliably find anything you need. With it, you can quickly get your needed stuff delivered. One of the most confiscating categories for most Amazon Prime members is Fashion.   

Amazon Prime wardrobe comprises everything from home essentials and beauty buys, so this category’s area is massive. If you aren’t a regular browser here, you are clearly doing yourself a disservice. Upon entering here, you see a lineup of in-house labels to curations of big designed brands. Hence, it’s no harm to say that Amazon Prime wardrobe is a giant e-commerce platform with best-in-class offerings.   

Let’s break down the must-know ways to easily discover, try and buy new styles.  

  • Shop Designer  

Luxury Stores at Amazon makes a viewer feel as if he is stepping into a luxe boutique’s private-client floor as everything is organized in the most aesthetically appealing way.   

Open your Amazon app and search “Lavish stores” in the navigation bar; it opens an unimagined shopping experience for you, showcasing emerging and established designer ranges, all gathered with trends and designs.   

  • Look For The Stuff Already Being Loved  

Amazon Prime wardrobe has got everyone talking about it. Visit the “Customers’ Most Loved” section, then a range of everything will be displayed, so choose “Fashion.” Next, select “Most Loved Women’s Fashion” from the main page; further, you can specifically choose the clothes categories like swimwear, footwear, ethnic, etc. Don’t worry about the prices, because everything in this section is under $50.  

  • You Can Try Before You Buy  

Once you have selected what you want from the Amazon Prime wardrobe, you can pick it and choose it. Upon receiving the shipment, you can try on all the shipped items and can send back the items you don’t like. This is to be done under the interval of seven days. After that, you will only be charged for the things you have kept.  

  • Enjoy the Luxe of Hiring A Personal Stylist   

Amazon Prime wardrobe comes with another stellar option, which is the “Personal Shopper Program,” which enables one of the stylists working on Amazon’s payroll to find or create styles that can’t be found anywhere else.   

You will face a questionnaire where you have to reveal all your likes and dislikes and just sit back. Then, you will be suggested a number of fashion products best suited to your references.  

Then you can pick items out of all those selected by the designer to get shipped. Try every shipped product within seven days and send what you dislike and keep what you like.  

  • Why Not Dress Like An Influencer?  

Amazon Prime fashion wardrobe has a program named “The Drop” that enquires fashion influencers to design attires presenting their fashion sense. Each drop is available only for 30 hours, so if you like it, buy it; otherwise, regret it. About four different fashion influencers collaborate for the Amazon Prime’s Drop program every month, where they create unique styles in a range of aesthetics, colors, and sizes.  

So why not snap up some OOTDs of your favorite Insta stars? Who knows if the same fashion piece is in their own wardrobe too?   

How does Amazon Prime Wardrobe Works? 

It was launched in 2018 and enables shoppers to select up to eight clothing articles, be it jeans, T-shirts, jackets, shoes, etc., and you can try them in the comfort of your home in a seven-day- timeframe. Then, if you don’t like any shipped product, put it back in the box, seal it up, put on the label, and drop off the box at the nearest UPS. This way, you only pay for the things you have kept.   

Amazon has flexed its muscles in established relations with fashion brands like Levi’s, Ray Ban, Lacoste, AX, and many others. The company claims hundreds of thousands of women’s and men’s styles over thousands of high-quality brands. If you are a member here, you must have already got an Amazon Prime wardrobe.  

The Last Words  

If you want to give a new style edge to your old wardrobe, borrow some trendy pieces from your Amazon Prime wardrobe. Choose from a never-ending collection of diverse colors, patterns, and sizes, and choose the staples you like. Then, try it out in real and return it if you don’t like anything. In fact, shed all the chaos of browsing on all of their stylists and relax back. Look only among the selected pieces for a smooth shopping experience.   

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