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Detroit Free Press Sports News : The Detroit Free Press is a leading daily newspaper in Detroit, Michigan, United States. It was founded in 1925, and is currently owned by the Gannett company. Originally owned by Knight Ridder, the Detroit Free Press was merged with the News in 2005. While the two companies are no longer owned by the same corporation, Gannett still manages the paper. This article explains how the newspaper grew and what readers can expect.

The Detroit Free Press is the largest daily newspaper in Detroit, Michigan, United States

The Detroit Free Press, also known as the Freep, has been in print since 1831. The paper is one of the largest in the country, and is one of the oldest in the city. It has won 10 Pulitzer Prizes and four Emmy Awards for its journalism. The Detroit Free Press covers a wide range of news stories, and its coverage of the American Civil War is legendary. Today, it has expanded its coverage beyond the city and the surrounding area.

The Free Press has undergone a number of name changes over the years. In 1832, it dropped the name “Michigan Intelligencer” from its masthead. Later, it became the Democratic Free Press and the Detroit Daily Free Press, which was the first daily newspaper in Detroit. The newspaper underwent a variety of owners and daily editions until it was finally named the Detroit Free Press on August 3, 2005.

The news building was constructed by the Evening News Association. It was moved to Detroit from Pontiac, Michigan, and was owned by Joseph Campau and John R. Williams. Its staff was moved from Oakland, California, to Detroit. In January 1978, the paper’s employees were invited to say good-bye to the building. In February, the wrecking crew arrived with a wrecking ball.

Public battle

During the 19th century, the Detroit Free Press and the Detroit Post were in a public battle over the city’s politics. The free press was considered the more reputable of the two, though the Free Press won the resulting debate. The Free Press, however, became the larger newspaper in the city. They have a long history of political activism and public service. And the newspaper has a history of supporting a number of Detroit organizations.

Founded in 1849, the Free Press is Detroit’s oldest newspaper. It has been one of the city’s leading newspapers for more than a century. Its roots go back to William E. Quinby, who was the editor of the Detroit Evening News, which first began publication in 1873 and is now known as the Detroit News. In 1881, the Free Press and the Detroit News began a struggle for circulation, and this battle was won when the linotype printing process was introduced.

The Detroit Free Press, Michigan, United States

It is owned by Gannett

While the Detroit Free Press is owned by Gannett, other newspapers in Michigan are also owned by the company. While the Detroit News was sold to MediaNews Group, the Detroit Free Press will be the crown jewel of Gannett’s southeastern Michigan portfolio. Gannett also owns Hometown Communications Network Inc., a publishing company that delivers local magazines to neighborhoods around Detroit. The company’s top management includes former executive national editor of the Detroit News, Jack Lessenberry.

Although the Free Press’ success under Gannett has been largely unimpeachable, the ownership has not been without controversy. As of 2003, lawsuits over stories about Chiquita Banana were still in court. Former editor Larry Beupre won a $550,000 settlement against the company. In addition, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin’s David Black accused Gannett of unethical business practices, legal manipulation, and other unsavory practices.

Expansion strategy

The company’s expansion strategy was also based on the news industry. Gannett purchased the Detroit Free Press in 2002. It also acquired The New York Times, a weekly newspaper. Its success sparked the company’s acquisition of the Detroit Free Press. However, Gannett has never been without controversy. The company’s history has been full of twists and turns. Despite the negative publicity, Gannett’s success has been impressive and its stock value is high.

In a bid to increase revenues, Gannett is seeking to monetize its content. With more than 250 communities in the U.S., Gannett has already struck deals with gambling companies including BetMGM, a joint venture between MGM Resorts and GVC Holdings. Gannett paid for advertising and referrals and hopes this new partnership will lead to more of these. If the partnership works, Gannett hopes the Tipico partnership can be a model for future partnerships with other businesses.


USA TODAY is part of Gannett’s portfolio. The company’s flagship sports publication is USA TODAY. Its digital subscription platform offers premium content. Subscribers can curate their own sports experience, including interactive video, audio and augmented reality features. The platform will also allow users to engage with local sports teams directly. In addition, subscribers will have access to SMS texting and live group chats.

The Detroit Free Press has published in the city since 1831. Its owners own both the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press. Although Gannett has the ownership of the Detroit Free Press, it is separate from the Detroit News and employs independent reporters and websites. Until late 2009, the Detroit Free Press did not profit from its operations, although executives were optimistic that it would turn profitable by 2010.

It was founded in 1925

The Detroit Free Press was founded in 1925, and is a leading local sports newspaper. For many years, the newspaper was produced under one roof. In fact, the newspaper’s headquarters included giant printing presses in the basement. In the 1970s, the paper moved to a new building on the riverfront, but that building was destroyed by fire in the summer of 2008. Today, the newspaper is printed in the Detroit suburb of Sterling Heights.

The News was acquired by Gannett, which owned a local outdoor advertising company called Outfront Media. Through a series of mergers, Outfront Media was born. Its outdoor advertising division operated many billboards throughout the city, including the Detroit Department of Transportation and Southeastern Michigan Transportation Authority buses. At that time, the Free Press’s main competitor was 3M National Advertising, which is now Lamar Advertising.

former headquarters

After being acquired four times in less than 20 years, the Free Press moved out of its former headquarters. In the meantime, the building was vacant and unusable. The Free Press has since relocated to an office building in Midtown. The building’s owners, the Farbman Group, Emre Uralli, and Chinese investors bought the Detroit Free Press building. The new owners have plans to renovate the former Free Press building.




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