Asana Pricing vs Trello Pricing – Which Is Worth the Cost?

Asana is a yoga position that transforms the chaos of life through stillness. The Asana software can cultivate the same effect for projects with tools to build timelines, reports, boards, and goals. Trello software enhances project management with options to automate tasks and manage data with visual tools. 

Let’s see which one is worth the cost when it comes to Asana pricing vs Trello pricing

Asana Pricing 

Asana software does not limit its users and provides four pricing options:


With Asana’s entry-level pricing option of a free plan, one may manage startup work and individual task management. The number of tasks, projects and activity logs a user may create and manage is limitless. Additionally, users have unlimited file storage, so they may protect their information, get to it when needed, and share it with others.

You may also browse projects in list or board mode for a quick overview or to see all the relevant information. The calendar view also shows upcoming activities to help you achieve deadlines. Additional choices include setting project delivery deadlines and delegating responsibility to team members. You may achieve your full potential by integrating tools and apps that enhance time tracking, communication, and management.


You can access the project’s timeline view by shelling out the $10 for Asana’s premium features. You can also design your workflow by giving each assigned its own set of details. Thanks to the ability to install an infinite number of dashboards, you may manage various projects while paying close attention to each one’s unique characteristics.

You can also run reports to find out additional information about assignees, custom fields, and other topics. Similarly, you can use the project brief and summary to make informed decisions by checking the project’s development and progress. Forms for specific task intake, the ability to set deadlines, and milestone options are just a few of the unique features.


The whole premium feature set is included in the $24 Asana pricing business plan. Portfolios of projects can also be managed to keep track of specific information about each. Tasks are completed and approved by the relevant people before being incorporated into the finished product with the aid of approvals.

Form branching and customization will help you create information that is relevant while also developing a relationship with customers in the meantime. Additionally, the corporate price option is compatible with services like Salesforce, Power BI, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Trello Pricing


You can construct an unlimited number of cards with this plan, which is free of cost, to keep information organized and ensure that everything is visible to you. Additionally, each workspace can be used to construct up to 10 boards.

The possibilities for integration are virtually endless. Per board, you have access to a huge selection of power-ups. Additionally, you may feel secure knowing that the software has unlimited file storage and all the necessary data.

250 workspace instructions can be executed monthly. Additionally, you can design a unique workstation by using stickers and backdrops that go with your brand. You can designate team members for each assignment to take on specific responsibilities. You can also appoint someone to make sure deadlines are met.


The standard plan comes with several high-end features and costs around $5. You can make checklists and define custom fields, for example. More than 1,000 commands for the workspace are possible each month. To discuss information on a board with people who are not team members in the interim, single-board guests can be welcomed.


There may be more tools available in the Trello software’s premium version. It costs $10 and boasts many cutting-edge features. For instance, it includes the dashboard, desktop table, calendar, timeline, map, and workspace visual management features.

Finding a PM Worth the Price 

Task Management 

It should go without saying that you should be able to organize your tasks according to priority. Setting priorities for jobs is quite beneficial anytime pressing issues arise. You may easily add time to your planned schedule by using a planning tool with time slots rather than manually rescheduling the entire project plan.

Team Collaboration

The top project management tools offer contact lists, calendars, and file sharing capabilities. Any team member can enter information into the system, and it will be readily available to others whenever and wherever they need it.

Some PM programs allow you to share files by adding them to projects quickly. Verify that the project management software you choose provides free storage for submitting your files and data.

Asset Documentation

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could obtain all the information about your project in one location? Including tasks that have been planned and done, calendar events from the past and the future, information about clients, project resources, expenses, and client bills that have been received. It is essential to recognize your company’s requirements to determine what documentation options will be helpful. 

Advanced Reporting

The best project management programs come with reporting capabilities that gather the project data you’ve already entered and let you make personalized reports.

Reports on your project’s budget, expenses, tasks accomplished, and team members’ performance, for instance, are all available. You can build new reports at any time and select the parameters and information categories you want to put on the graph or chart because you have already accumulated a sizable data collection in your project management tool.

Final Thoughts

On average, the Asana reviews conclude that it can meet many of the requirements of a good project manager. To further learn about how it can enhance your business, you can access the Asana demo listed on the website. The Trello demo also highlights its functions to help you make the final call. Trello’s popularity can be determined by the positive Trello reviews that also establish its position as a reliable system.

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