Putting an end to a marriage is never an easy process and may sometimes become spiteful. Nevertheless, when both spouses can remain civil and agree on ways to divide the marital assets and deal with support problems, custody, and other issues, they may go for an uncontested divorce. Though this might be difficult for divorcing couples to carry out in most cases, the benefits attached are great under the right circumstances. 

So what are the benefits of this form of divorce and the disadvantages attached?


Uncontested divorce provides divorcing couples the liberty to end their marriage with dignity intact quietly. The major advantage of an uncontested divorce is its cost. An uncontested divorce that doesn’t turn out contested is almost the best and the cheapest way of getting divorced. The low cost attached isn’t the only benefit of uncontested divorce. 

When the conflict rate between two parties stays low, an uncontested divorce is the best way to keep it in that nature. An uncontested divorce is more private and more cooperative. With it, you’re more likely to protect more of your assets in both party’s pockets and out of the reach of lawyers, process servers, accountants, and other personnel needed to complete the divorce process.


Everything that’s got advantages certainly has disadvantages. For an uncontested divorce, when one party is guilty of beating up the other, it’s a bad idea to go in for this form of divorce. 

In a situation where there’s a historical evidence of domestic violence, emotional abuse, or any form of abuse during the period of the relationship, the divorce normally ends with one spouse gaining an unfair advantage over the other party. In these difficult circumstances, the party at the losing end would require the service of a divorce mediation lawyer to advocate for them. 

In addition, an uncontested divorce stands as a bad choice when both parties can’t talk to each other without being abusive. When your spouse doesn’t fancy your invitation for a discussion about the divorce, or the conversation always has an abusive end, you’re therefore advised to push forward with a contested divorce and eventually hire the services of an attorney. 

Also, suppose one spouse or both parties intend on keeping a certain property or are keen to acquire a bigger part of the marital assets. In that case, there’s a greater probability of this turning into a disagreement that will not be resolved with an uncontested divorce. Wrapping this up, an uncontested divorce is a bad idea when both parties aren’t comfortable with the law or don’t have full confidence as to whether they can go through the paperwork on their own. Though this divorce is easy and stress-free, it requires you to read and carefully understand quite a number of different forms. If this ideal looks all stressful and intimidating to you, contact an uncontested divorce lawyer to guide you through the processes.

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