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7 Important Facts About Roof Lanterns

Many people equate the ‘light’ with positive emotions. Given to you by Mother Nature, it’s yours to enjoy at no cost. Light allows you to see your surroundings clearly and appreciate the splendor of nature.

Light travels at a rate of 3 108 meters per second, as determined by scientists. Due to the vast distances, sunlight takes about 8.3 minutes to reach the planet. But if you put roof lanterns at your house, you may have this illumination in less than a millisecond. These allow you to appreciate a rainy day from the comfort of your home and a starry night without leaving the house. Exciting! It is, right? These roof lanterns can increase the vertical dimension of your living quarters and help you save money on your monthly electricity bills.

They add a touch of sophistication and refinement to any setting. You should read over these details on the roof lanterns if you’re interested in learning more: –

How to Choose the Best Roof Lanterns

  • A Brief Overview of Roof Windows-

A roof lantern is a traditional method of providing natural lighting for an interior space. Your home will look and feel more open and roomy.

Typically, a roof lantern will have several glass panes arranged in a pyramidal shape. A skylight differs from a standard window in that it rises above the ceiling and lets more light into the room.

  • Traditional concept-

The use of lanterns in roof spaces is not novel. Since the Victorian era, it has been a popular style choice. Roof lanterns were commonly used back then to illuminate and ventilate stairwells. The ancient Romans were the first to recognize the importance of letting natural light into buildings through enormous windows called roof lanterns.

  • Size variations-

There is a selection of roof lantern sizes to suit your needs. The roof lanterns come in various sizes to suit the buyer’s preferences. The length and width of the item are used to determine its size.

A 100×100-cm lantern is suitable for smaller spaces, while a 150×250-cm lantern is preferable for medium-sized roofs. It comes in an assortment of sizes.

The size of a roof lantern is determined solely by the available space and the required illumination. How much light you let into your room is entirely up to you.

  • Glass variations-

The glass on a roof lantern can be any of several colors and textures. Additional features such as ultraviolet (UV) protection, light absorption, self-cleaning, solar rejection, glazing, and light reflection are available in specific types of roof lanterns. You may tailor your drinking experience to your preferences with these different glasses.

  • U-value

U-value measures a roof lantern’s heat-blocking ability. Most roof lanterns today are built of insulated materials that significantly lessen the amount of heat that can enter the home through the glass. You want a lantern with a low U-value because a more significant number indicates that more heat will be conducted through it to your home. Keeping the temperature inside your home or workplace at a comfortable level is now a breeze.

As a result of technological advancements, modern roof lanterns can be designed to reflect heat away from the interior space while allowing a sufficient quantity of light to enter the building.

Because of the U-value, of course. Since the U-value of a roof lantern can affect how much heat it lets in or out of a building, it is essential to evaluate it before installing it.

  • Selecting the Ideal Frame

The roof lantern’s glass is affixed to a frame fashioned from PVC, a material prized for its low weight and superior holding capacity. Here, you get to pick on the shade of colour that most suits your tastes.

You have numerous options, such as a grey exterior with a white inside or a white exterior and a grey interior. The PVC frame can be painted to match the decor of your home or office.

  • Repairing and establishing-

Top-notch roof lamps typically have attachment clips. Putting up a lantern is a complicated job, but with the clip-on feature, it’s a breeze. It ensures a snug, watertight fit between the lantern and the roof.


The use of roof lanterns has become a common sight in many buildings. Roof lanterns have become a symbol of fashion and style thanks to their customizable shapes, sizes, and glasses.

These roof lanterns are a great way to improve the lighting and air quality of any building, whether public or private.

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