5 Best Ways to Control Rodents

Rodents are one of the most dangerous pests out there, because they can carry diseases and damage your home from the inside and out. Here we tell you 5 of the best ways to control rodents, and possibly get rid of them for good. Read on below to know about proactive methods such as sealing entryways, eliminating rodent shelter, and more about rodent control.

Get rid of rodents

Setting up traps instead of using rodent poison is a more recommended way since it allows you to gauge the effectiveness of the method. Unknowingly having a dead rodent indoors due to poisoning could lead to decay and bring about an unpleasant smell. Make sure to place snap traps in places where children can’t go anywhere near the because these can be very dangerous. Once you’ve collected the trap rodent, dispose of them properly. Here’s a guideline from the Center for Disease Control that recommends safety tips in rodent disposal. After getting rid of all rodents present in your home, all holes along your house’s exterior should be closed tight and shut. Make sure to use rodent-proofing materials and pay attention to doors, windows, and vents.

Eliminate rodent shelter

For the entire time you weren’t aware of rodent infestation, they might have already established a rodent nest where there is little chance of disturbance. Rodents like to build nests in dark, secluded areas, and attics are one of the rooms in a home that are easily overlooked during the pest-proofing process, so keep that in mind when cleaning up. You need to close all spotted openings and repair damaged vent screens. You’ll also need to carefully place baits in case these pests come back running. If you’re unsure of the removal, don’t hesitate to contact your pest control company and have them help you out.

Practice good hygiene and discard of outdoor food sources

Avoid leaving food sitting outside, because this attracts rodents the most. Garbage bins, pet food, and your pantry should be securely contained in rodent-proof bins. If you have fruit-bearing trees in your yard, make it a habit to pick up dropped fruits from the grounds, since these can attract rodents as well as other pests. Thick canopies can become hiding spots for rodents, so keep branches pruned to prevent this from happening.

Get regular pest control

Rodents present as a year-round problem. They don’t prefer one season over the other, so you need to be always on the lookout. Luckily, pest control companies are there to help you get over your rodent woes. Besides, one of the best ways to keep rodents off your property is to take a proactive approach to this problem, and rodent control services can take care of existing pests, create effective barriers, and maintain them through ongoing treatment.

Get rid of rodents!

Rodents live closely together with humans, so wherever civilization is, that’s very much likely where they thrive as well. These pests can be very bothersome, especially since they’re one of the top vectors of diseases. But there are also ways to control rodents, like getting rid of their nests and keeping up a clean environment. Don’t forget to make it a habit to have your rodent control experts take a look as well.

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