Why Study at BCU for Better Education in UK?

Why Study at BCU for Better Education in the UK?

Why Study at Birmingham City University for Better Education?

Founded in 1971, the University of Birmingham City (BCU) is located in the center of the dynamic city of Birmingham. The university has invested £ 340 million in its campuses and facilities, providing state-of-the-art equipment and real-world experience. It offers first-rate education with practical skills and professional value, preparing students to work after graduation. Offering practice-based research and innovative teaching, the university is among the top 1,000 in the world. This blog will teach you how to study at Birmingham City University!

Why Study at Birmingham City University

1. Offers many courses

BCU offers more than 650 courses, including undergraduate, graduate, and research programs, basic courses, short and distance courses, apprenticeship, and distance learning courses. Most of the courses offered have internationally recognized accreditations.

2. You can make money while studying

The university allows students to apply for paid roles on campus through their student employment agency, which helps them support the cost of studying abroad.

3. Work experience and employment

Through job placement, coaching schemes, and study abroad exchanges, BCU helps students gain industry and professional internship experience.

4. Career prospects improve

The university provides career support and advice for up to three years even after graduation. The BCU’s employment rate is 97.4%, meaning that 97.4% of students are employed within six months of graduation. Also, the average salary that BCU graduates receive is £ 22,900 (2.30 Lakhs).

Birmingham City University Admission Deadlines

Students can apply through UCAS or directly through the university website or country representative. The important deadlines for applying through UCAS are:

  • The deadline to apply to UCAS is January 26th
  • UCAS Extra Opens in (if students do not receive any offers, they can apply for a new course through the UCAS supplement) February 25
  • The UCAS deadline (deadline to apply for the September course) is June 30th

Eligibility Needs to Study at Birmingham City University

Undergraduate Courses

To study for undergraduate courses at the University of Birmingham City, you will need an Indian Secondary Education Certificate (standard XII) with an average of at least 55% depending on the examination commission. Some courses may require a high grade. The following are specific requirements for different sections:

Faculty of Art, Design and Media

  • A portfolio of fine artwork.
  • 12 standard averages 60% total.
  • For some courses, at least 65% math is required from Standard 10 in the Central Board or the CICSE Board. Otherwise, students will require a standard 12 to 60%.

And Faculty of Law, Business, and Social Sciences

  • 12 standard averages 60% and at least 60% math.
  • 65% Mathematics in Standard 10 from the Central Council and the CICSE Council.

Faculty of Engineering, Computing, and the Built Environment

  • At least 65% of the Central and CICSE boards in mathematics in Standard 10.
  • Mathematics is required at the O level for all courses.
  • Mathematics for BEng Telecommunications and Networks requires at least 65% of Standard 12 (minimum C level or equivalent at AS level)
  • All engineering courses require a standard 12 of at least 65% and 65% on PCM.

Postgraduate Courses

To study in UK for a postgraduate degree at the University of Birmingham City, you will need a 3 or 4 year bachelor’s degree of 55% (50% of the best universities). These students are admitted directly to graduate school, MBA or master’s courses. However, some programs may require high ratings. The following are specific requirements for different sections:

  • Faculty of Arts, Design and Media: Some courses require a portfolio or study offer; some require both.
  • Engineering courses have a 3- or 4-year bachelor’s degree, a total of 60% (55% of the best universities).

Documents Checklist

  • Completed application form
  • Personal statement.
  • A copy of the bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • A copy of the scores from the English exam
  • Copy of GMAT / GRE test scores
  • Self-certified X & XII market chart and certificates
  • 2 references if needed
  • Copy of passport
  • Resume
  • Portfolio (for design courses)
  • Research proposal (for PG research programs)

So you should choose Birmingham City University for better education and better career opportunities. Because Birmingham City University is a famous and popular university in the UK location for international students, especially Indian students. You can get many benefits from studying at Birmingham City University like better education, better accommodation, better tutors, better sports life, better freedom life, and many more. And you get here gorgeous atmosphere and you meet here approx 100 nationalities students.

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