Why Choose ZK Decanter Centrifuge?

If you’re looking for a compact centrifuge for your sewage treatment needs, the ZKDecanter 3 Phase decanter centrifuge may be the solution you’ve been looking for. It operates at up to 250 cubic meters per hour and uses buoyancy to separate waste materials.

ZK Decanter Centrifuge is an ideal solution for sewage treatment

The ZK Decanter Centrifuge is a highly efficient and compact solution for sewage treatment. Its design philosophy focuses on lowering the operator’s burden, while maintaining high-performance and reliability. The centrifuge works at high capacity and has a low noise level, while offering exceptional material adaptability and stability.

A decanter centrifuge is a horizontal bowl centrifuge that separates solids and liquids. It can remove more than 50% of solids from a liquid. Industrial applications for this type of centrifuge include dewatering of wastewater biosolids, fish meal, paint sludge, and rendering.

It is a compact centrifuge

The decanter centrifuge is a high-speed rotating device that produces a separation force. It is compact and can process large volumes of liquid. It is available in both floor-standing and under-bench models and features maintenance-free induction drives. The ZK series is ideal for continuous high-speed operation and features an oversized conical screen and patented filling system.

This centrifuge has a large capacity and is ideal for processing blood bags, large samples, and complex samples. It is available in a floor-standing or under-bench design and is available with a large range of accessories.

It can operate up to 250 cubic meters per hour

Decanter centrifuges are an efficient way to separate solids from liquids. They can be operated at high speeds up to 250 cubic meters per hour. They come in various designs. The largest of these decanter centrifuges is the Z8E which has a torque of 24,000 Newton meters and an adjustable impeller. They can also be designed to reduce power consumption by 30%.

Decanter centrifuges are designed to separate liquid and solid phases in wastewater treatment. Flottweg has been manufacturing decanters since 1956. These centrifuges are known for their quality and durability.

It is based on buoyancy

Decanter centrifuges are used for separating liquids into their constituent components. They can be vertical, horizontal, or conveyor/scroll based. ZK Separation centrifuges have a patented technology that allows for easy adjustment without disassembling. They have a high centrifugal force and ultra-long dehydration length, which are key features in ensuring solid particle dehydration. The ZK Separation centrifuge can produce a centrifugal force of more than 3000G, which is much higher than ordinary centrifuges. Their screw pushing torque is also higher than those of ordinary centrifuges, enabling them to achieve a longer dehydration time.

This centrifuge can operate as a leading or lagging scroll, thereby reducing the specific power and solid content of the cake. It also has a differential speed automatic control system that automatically adjusts the screw conveyor differential speed to prevent overload. The decanter centrifuge is also equipped with multiple safety features, including vibration protection, bearing temperature protection, and overload protection.

It is a capital equipment

The ZK Decanter Centrifuge is capital equipment that separates slurries with 100% solids. It can be customized to handle any process task, including separation, concentration, washing, and extraction. Its high differential speed allows it to handle various types of slurries, including contaminated wastewater.

Decanter centrifuges are available in different sizes, and their capacity depends on their design features. The capacity of a decanter centrifuge is affected by its auger pitch, beach cone angle, and bowl speed. A 100-gallon capacity decanter centrifuge will process around 20 gallons of thick waste oil per minute. Users should consider the type and quality of the process fluid when choosing a decanter centrifuge.

It is easy to maintain

The ZK Decanter Centrifuge is an ideal tool for protein isolation and filtration. It is simple to use and requires minimal maintenance. Its 40+ point inspection program helps you identify the areas that need attention and predict maintenance costs. The CSI Program is available for any model decanter centrifuge and includes a comprehensive report describing the condition of the centrifuge and recommended actions.

You can balance the bowl and scroll of the centrifuge separately or together. You must ensure that the two parts are balanced at the appropriate operating speed. The centrifuge is capable of running at speeds up to 4000 rpm. As a result, the bowl and scroll must be balanced during normal operations.

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