What to Look for in a Graphic Design Company

If you are in the market for a new graphic design company, there are several factors you should keep in mind. These include: Experience, Portfolio, Communication skills, and Clientele Diversification. In this article, I’ll focus on the first two. After you’ve mastered these areas, you’ll have a firm grasp on the rest.


Experience in a graphic design company will give you a good insight into the design process. Graphic designers in-house usually have a broad set of design skills and can meet all of the creative needs of their company. Those who get this experience will be able to build an in-depth understanding of the organization and formulate long-term strategies.

Graphic design is a creative field that requires a good sense of style, visual composition, and overall layout. Graphic designers must also possess a solid understanding of color theory and typography. In addition, they must have artistic talent and be proficient with a variety of computer software packages. This includes design software and photo editing software.


A graphic design company should have a well-designed portfolio of their work. This is a great way for clients to see a representative sample of the work they’ve done. It’s also a great way for designers to showcase their work and create their own name. Some companies like create their own portfolios while others use a website hosted by another company.

A portfolio can include work samples of several disciplines. For instance, an art director’s portfolio might display a portfolio of interactive design, branding work, or motion graphics. In addition, you can see his biography, which gives you a better idea of his personality and style.

Communication skills

Communicating clearly is an essential skill for graphic designers. This means being able to convey their ideas and reasoning to clients in both written and verbal form. To improve communication skills, take notes when explaining difficult subjects or design decisions to clients. Also, ask them for feedback. These skills will not be acquired overnight.

Communication designers are also often the face of a brand and strive to establish a strong brand recognition among consumers. This means creating consistent messaging and visuals to present a brand’s identity and help target audiences form a more accurate impression of the business. For instance, a communication designer may know how to incorporate a consistent color scheme or logo into all marketing material.

Communication designers should also have excellent public speaking skills, as they will be tasked with communicating new ideas to key stakeholders. This will enable them to get their clients on board early on, and they can show them the thought process behind their decisions.

Diversification of clientele

Diversifying your clientele and services can be an important part of the success of your graphic design business. In today’s marketplace, there is a wide range of opportunities to diversify your client base and revenue streams. Diversifying from one core area can help you capture new work and avoid falling behind because of market saturation. In addition, it can help you survive a period when margins are low and competitors are swamping the market. In this environment, a more varied client base will make the work you do more profitable and require fewer larger clients.

In order to diversify your clientele and revenue streams, it is necessary to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Consider applying your expertise to new market segments and create new products and services. You can also restructure your company to focus on different types of clients or products. In addition to developing new products and services, diversifying your client base can also help you build brand authority.

Branding guidelines

Brand guidelines help to establish how a graphic design company should represent its brand. They help all of its members stay on the same page and present a consistent vision to the public. Brand guidelines also govern the composition and design of the brand, including colors and typefaces. They can also dictate the content of marketing materials.

Brand guidelines should also include examples of how to use the company’s logo. Asana, for instance, uses a three-dot logo to emphasize its brand message of limitless human collaboration. The logo also communicates clarity, balance, and purpose-driven design.

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