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What is an encumbrance certificate AP and why do you need it

‘As a man is said to have rights to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.’ – James Maddison.

 An encumbrance certificate online ap is a document that ensures that the property owned by a person is free from any legal or monetary hassle.

 Owning a house or a property is a dream for many. People work for years and make several sacrifices to fulfill this dream. Imagine if, after all the trouble, you realize that the property is stuck in legal disputes or has a mortgage against it? All the hard work and the planning will be for nothing.

 It is where an encumbrance certificate comes in. An encumbrance certificate or an online EC Andhra Pradesh is a certificate of assurance that the property in question is free from any legal or monetary liability and therefore is one of the most critical documents to be obtained before purchasing any property.

 It includes records of all the financial and legal transactions made on the concerned property for a given period, be it a loan, a mortgage, or a legal dispute on ownership. However, information regarding only those transactions that are declared or have been registered with the sub-registrar’s office (SRO) will be contained in it.

 What is the Encumbrance Certificate in Andhra Pradesh?

 Encumbrance certificate Andhra Pradesh is the certificate for properties in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Every state has a different procedure to obtain EC, along with different legal terminology. While most states issue an EC physically, AP and some other states like Kerala and Odisha have an online EC or e-EC.

Why is EC Andhra Pradesh needed?

 EC AP is of extreme importance and is needed to ensure that you are the sole owner of your property and that your property is free from any debt. EC AP is also necessary when obtaining a home loan from any bank in Andhra Pradesh.

 Other instances requiring EC AP include reselling the property, transfer of ownership of the given property, or when you want to make an upfront payment from your provident fund (PF) account to acquire a property.

 Also, in cases where property tax has not been paid for more than three years, EC must be produced with village or panchayat officers to update land tax records.

 How to apply for Encumbrance Certificate Andhra Pradesh online?

 In Andhra Pradesh, the Registration and Stamp Department is responsible for the issuance of the EC. It can usually be obtained within a day. The fee for search and issuance of EC AP online is INR 200 for 30 years and INR 500 for more than 30 years.

 Searching for an EC AP online:

 It is possible to search for an encumbrance online via the Andhra Pradesh Registration Department online portal. However, online EC is available only for transactions post-January 1, 1983. Therefore, in cases where you need to search for an EC before 1983, you would be required to approach the concerned SRO office. An e-EC can be searched by Document Number or Memo Number. 

 In cases where an applicant wants to search for an EC without knowing the Document number or the Memo number, the documents required for the encumbrance certificate search will include SRO, name of the applicant, district, boundary details, and building details, and details of the site or agricultural land.

 Applying for EC AP online via IGRS:

 The procedure for applying for encumbrance certificate AP online via IGRS entails visiting the AP Registration and Stamp Department’s official website, choosing the online EC option, and registering to become a member of IGRS by filling out details like name, aadhar number, password, mobile number, email, user ID and address.

 Log in using the OTP sent upon receiving user credentials on the registered mobile number. From the public online services, choose an encumbrance certificate. Enter details like document number, registration year, and SRO name or code. Once details regarding the property appear, click next and choose the unsigned EC option. Click on ‘select all’ on the left side of the page. Once all the details regarding the property are displayed, print/download to obtain online EC Andhra Pradesh.

 Applying for Encumbrance Certificate AP via MeeSeva:

 The EC application process to obtain EC AP using the MeeSeva franchise involves submitting the application at the MeeSeva center in the prescribed format. The documents required for the encumbrance certificate include a self-attested copy of address proof of the applicant, details such as property address, survey number, the duration for which the EC is needed, a scanned copy of the sale deed of the stated property, the objective behind the application of the EC, and a self-attested copy of aadhar card.

 On payment of the applicable fee and after providing details of the document, year of registration, SRO name, and the mode of delivery of EC, the request is then processed online by the Andhra Pradesh Registration Department.

 After the processing of the encumbrance application by the SRO and after successful verification, the EC request gets approved. The applicant is then notified of the status of the application via an SMS, and depending on the mode of delivery selected; the EC is then dispatched through courier or collected from the MeeSeva center by the applicant.


 The Andhra Pradesh government has provided a great opportunity in the form of e-EC to ensure a hassle-free and legal document for the buyers to stay safe from fraud. Therefore, it is advised to apply for an encumbrance certificate online to obtain an encumbrance certificate to guarantee complete and undisputed ownership of your property.

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