Vivo Drone Camera Phone – Everything you need to know about it

There are a number of phones that are famous due to their unique characteristics. But nowadays the new phone invented by China is catching everyone’s attention. This phone is known as the Vivo Drone Camera Phone.

The reason for the popularity of this phone is its dope camera. It has really fascinating features. In this article, I will be sharing all details related to this phone when it’s gonna launch, and what specifications it has. so stick till the end to get all the information.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone:

You might have never heard that any phone has a drone camera. But now the technicians have gone so far to make such a brilliant and latest phone. The phone hasn’t been released yet. But let me tell you the details about this fantastic innovation.

Details and specifications of Vivo Drone Camera Phone:

1-    Display

First of all, let’s talk about the display of the Vivo Drone Camera Phone. The phone has a very attractive slim smart body. This phone will come with a 6.9 inches screen which is shielded by gorilla glass 7.

It means it will be highly protected and not get any scratches. You can have this phone in 4 cool colors such as brown, pink, blue, and black. This is a phone that everyone will want to have.

2-    Battery life

The most important thing about any phone is its Battery health. If the phone will have long battery timing everyone will be attracted towards it and if it won’t have it people will avoid it.

So the battery in Vivo Drone Camera Phone is just perfect as this phone has a drone camera which means it will consume more battery that’s why technicians have used a 6900 maH-Li polymer battery that is non-removable. This battery is perfect for this phone to perform every function of this phone.

3-    Camera

The camera is the most amazing and important spec of this phone. The camera makes this phone a way more popular. You guys would be stunned because you have never seen and heard about such an amazing feature.

The camera of this phone can be removed from this phone and then you can fly it through and now you might have understood the name of this phone. You guys must be aware of all the features of drones. You can get the advantage of drones through this phone.

Characteristics of the camera:

In this phone, you will get a 200 MP flying drone camera. The back camera has ranges of 5mp, 16mp, and 32mp. And the most important selfie cam is 64 mp. The four rotors of this camera are key tools that help it to fly. It also contains a sensor that would save it from touching other objects.

4-    Phone storage

After battery health, the storage of the phone is also very important to take into consideration. This brand new phone is best in the battery as well as in storage. The storage capacity of this phone starts from 256GB. You can save thousands of pictures and videos on your phone without any issue.

5-    Processor

This phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor that makes the phone run excellently for several years. You will get all applications such as a calendar, calculator GPS, and many more. You can use dual sims on this phone.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone release date:

You must be curious when this piece of beauty will be released. So let me tell you that the expected date for its release is 28th August 2022. Now we are waiting for its release. Let’s see when it will come to market.

Vivo Drone Camera Phone Price:

This is a very interesting and most asked question about this phone. Well, the Vivo drone camera phone price in Pakistan will be 1,95000pkr. And its price in India will be 86,500. In European countries, it will be 990 euros.


In this article, we have talked about the astonishing Vivo drone camera phone. The new technology is on the next level and we are waiting for its release so we can share more details about it. I hope you like this article.

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