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Try these Best Punjabi Dishes when you order food on train

If you are Punjabi and you are going to travel by train then you must try some Punjabi food on the train. You can order food on train to enjoy various Punjabi food dishes. Non-Punjabis can also taste Punjabi food during train journeys. Punjabi food is also unique like Punjabi people. Whether it is veg or nonveg food items like lassi, tandoori roti, paratha, chicken tikka, chicken fry, tandoori chicken, and many more. All these food items have a special taste in them. 

Punjabi food is one of the famous foods. You can enjoy this Punjabi food at Ludhiana junction, Bhatinda junction, Jalandhar junction, Amritsar junction, and other popular railway stations. Some Punjabi food that you can enjoy while sitting on your seat is Sarson ka sag and Makki ki roti, Amritsar kulcha, tandoori chicken, chole bhature, dal makhani, Punjabi fish fry, and many more all these food items can make your traveling more remarkable. 

Sarson da sag and more Punjabi food in train 

Every Indian state has different famous food. One of the famous foods is Punjabi food. You can now order online on train also. Here are some Punjabi foods that can make your journey more delightful. 

  1. Sarson ka saag and Makki ki roti: The cultural food of Punjabis, which is made from mustard leaves in desi ghee, and the Makki di roti made from maize flour is the best combination.
  2. Amritsari kulcha: This is Punjabi naan with a crispy and soft taste. There are many varieties in this also like aloo kulcha, masala kulcha, and paneer kulcha with channa chhole.
  3. Tandoori chicken: nonveg lovers must try this. This is cooked from medium size chicken with spicy gravy. Cooked in tandoor. 
  4. Dal makhani: This is a popular Punjabi dal. Made with a lot of butter. Makhana is the main ingredient that makes this dal so special. 

In the menu bar of restaurants you can see more Punjabi food.

Online Punjabi chole bhature and other delicious food in train 

Chane bhature: The spicy and ethnic chole bhature is a very famous Punjabi food that you can order online in train. The aroma of chickpea can make your mouth watery.

Amritsari fish fry: Punjab has a wide range of fish which is one of the favorite dislikes by the nonvegetarians. You can taste the yummy fried fish on the train.

Punjabi kadi pakodi: The kadhi chawal is the ultimate combination. That gives the soul a soothing taste itself. The yogurt-made kadi can provide you the best taste ever and is the famous dish of the Punjabis. 

Pini and panjiri: For sweet lovers, this is the ultimate dish that they can order on the train. This sweet is made of pure desi ghee and dry fruits. Provide nutrients and energy to the body.

Punjabi food is one of the best foods that you can order on the train. So make your train journey more excited with Punjabi flavor.

How to get Punjabi food in train?

Railway has made food an easy option to get on the train. You can order online food in train with many websites. Punjabi food is easy to get from these websites. You can explore the Punjabi taste on the train by following the steps 

First, you need to visit the website.

There you have to fill in your PNR number or train number. 

After that, you have to select the onboard station and restaurant 

From the restaurant menu option, you have to select the Punjabi food option.

Then from the Punjabi food section, you can select your favorite Punjabi dish. 

Then make a payment or you can also pay cash on delivery. 

After that just relax and wait for your food until your boarding station comes. At your boarding station, enjoy hot and fresh Punjabi food. Therefore it  is the best way to enjoy your journey along with the scene and delicious food. 

Order Punjabi food by call and text 

While traveling there are chances that you may face network issues and you are unable to order food on train online. Then don’t worry you can have an alternative option. You can go for a call and SMS option. There are many sites that provide their number on the website you have to call on that number and their assistance will assist you then you have to provide your PNR number after that they will ask you about your dish and then they will place your order. Then in the SMS option, you have to write the text along with your PNR number and food item name. This is how you can enjoy food if you are not having internet. 

The online food service has made the food service so easy that any age group can now order food online while sitting on their seat only. 

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