The Health Benefits Of Cricket That You May Have Not Known


Cricket is one of the most popular sports, as an estimated 2.5 billion people follow the game worldwide. The game of cricket is played beyond North America, and in countries like India, Pakistan, Australia, and England, they are the top draws. Based on the inputs of the latest international cricket news, there are various health benefits of playing cricket, and let us get to the details in this write–up.

Sports are popular for various reasons. Spectacular value and recreational value do inspire the athletes to perform exceptional feats as they may turn out to be the leading reasons. The main reason is to remain healthy, and this is one of the main reasons why people indulge in the game of cricket. After soccer, cricket ranks second among the most following sports in the world. This could be one of the reasons that it happens to be one of the biggest draws in the domain of online. As discussed earlier, the benefits of cricket are numerous, and people tend to enjoy this game from an entertainment perspective.

This is a game that has been played for hundreds of years. The game started in the United Kingdom before it slowly spread to the other British colonies. Indulging in a game of competitive cricket involves physical and mental processes, and the sessions may last up to four hours on average. In a lot of ways, the game is similar to baseball that is played on American shores.

The superficial parameters of both these games tend to be similar. There are a couple of teams involved, a bat, a large playing field, and scoring runs. This is where the similarities may align. A field is being set- up along with a host of rules that makes the game of cricket as unique as it may turn out. Cricket is a game that is played recreational and socially among males and females, which contributes to the element of fun. Field and backstreets could serve as a level playing field where a few of the people may come together, and this may keep the game going. One of the best things about cricket is that it can do wonders for your health. Below are some of the health benefits that are associated with a game of cricket.

Strength, endurance, and stamina

Cricket happens to be a physically demanding sport where it involves throwing, catching, batting, and running. Every action may require a person to be using different muscle groups in various parts of the world, and it requires a total workout that is going to build strength, endurance, and stamina. What it means is that it involves using some of the best-known muscles at a given point in time. The chest, hamstring, and back muscles are used to the core. The moment you work on these muscles, in conjunction, is not only going to improve endurance, strength, and stamina, but it also goes on to improve your metabolic rate.

Physical fitness

The game of cricket goes on to take physical fitness to the next level. Though there is a lot of standing around the bats, the game needs to go on. A lot of action is involved, and the process carries on and on. The start-up nature of the game is that it enables you to burn a lot of calories, tones muscle, and improves your physical fitness. It is estimated that a person burns 350 calories when they are playing a game of cricket that is aimlessly when you are running without direction on a treadmill.

Apart from this, it leads to the improvement of cardiovascular health. Raising the heartbeat is one of the best exercises for the heart as it prevents the blood vessels from blocking. Even when the heart is going to pump in extra blood, the lungs are expected to pull in more oxygen that is being supplied to the other parts of the body. It leads to the improvement of the respiratory system along with your cognitive health.

Balance along with coordination

Cricket improves core strength that contributes to better balance along with coordination. Jumping, diving, and running all tend to be activities that require a lot of core strength, among other activities. One of the aspects that improve with the game of cricket is hand-eye coordination. Being able to react quickly and improve would require the synchronization of the hand and the eye.

Mental health

The mental benefits associated with a game of cricket are something that is to be admired. Whacking a ball may be termed a form of cathartic release. It provides a healthy way to distress and removes anger.

Indulging in a game of competitive cricket

There are various clubs along with registered crickets where you can indulge in a game of competitive cricket. So, indulging in a game of competitive cricket is a popular way to have fun and to keep yourselves fit. Before you indulge in a game of competitive cricket, there are a few pointers that you need to consider.

  • Cricket happens to be a team game. From your company’s point of view, it is essential to communicate with others.
  • The cricket clubs are known to hold matches on weekdays or even the weekends.
  • Umpiring along with scoring are a couple of ways where you can involve in a game of competitive cricket.

The other benefits associated with playing a game of cricket

It is not only the physical benefits that are associated with the game of cricket. Other benefits may arise with a game of cricket.

  • Team skills
  • Social skills in the form of communication, collaboration, and learning to cope with the traits of losing and winning
  • Social interaction- is one of the better ways to meet people and make new friends.

These are some of the benefits associated with playing the game of cricket. So, get set and enjoy the game at the earliest at the same time.


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