The Benefits Of Outdoor And Indoor Foamex Boards Signage

If you’re looking for signage or exhibitions and displays, you shouldn’t overlook Foamex print on board. In this blog we will focus on the following:

There Are Many Reasons Why Foamex Is A Great Material:

Foamex The Boards Will Last A Very Long Time

When you decide to buy signage or displays. If so it’s not a matter of one-off events such as an exhibit or conference, there’s the chance that you’ll need the signs to last for a lengthy period of time.

This is the reason hoardings are an absolute necessity to offer the user an area where your photos are less prone to scratch damage from scratches. This could result in a massive increase in the longevity of businesses and other organizations that use their signs and displays outdoors.

Foamex Is A Great Printing Surface And Is A Fast Turnaround Surface

Do you have a project nearing the deadline? If so, do you require your display and signs prepared for use?

Foamex signs could help you save your life as they’ve been recognized for cutting down the time to print. This means you’ll speed up turnaround times and assist in the case of last-minute printing requirements.

Foamex Signs Are Cost-Effective

For any director of marketing or office director, there is always a need to keep an eye on the budget. Site hoarding panels can handle high-definition photos and large files. However, it will not cost you any money.

Thus, Foamex printing can be a smart option and provide a cheap material that will help to keep marketing costs low without any compromise on the quality of the photographs once printing is completed.

Foamex Printed Is Easy To Carry

If you’re the manager of an organization that is based in a location that has a presence and requires travel. Foamex may be the perfect lightweight option that ticks every box.

In addition, the issue of the size that results from transport is removed since Foamex is manufactured as distinct panels which are put together to create larger displays after they’ve been removed at their point of departure.

The Benefits Of Foamex Board Signs

In order to create a sensational buzz for your business’s image in the current market is essential. Everything from digital branding to the way you display and sign the logo of your business is crucial to effectively promoting your business.

If you’re in search of flexibility, 10mm Foamex boards are an excellent option for any business seeking signs that are stylish and flexible.

Furthermore, Foam board signs are able to serve in various capacities. Here are five reasons the Foamex signs are a good choice. A Foam Board sign could be the ideal choice for your company.

1. Lightweight

Signs made from PVC are very light due to the fact that the materials they print on are made of foam. Foam is extremely light and offers a lot of mobility and flexibility.

If you’re often a visitor to trade shows or selling your goods in multiple markets, these are a great option since the transportation of them is easy.

2. Adhesive Friendly

Signs made of foam are simple to stick to surfaces such as walls because they’re lightweight. This permits you to make use of adhesives that can be removed to display the signs.

If you’re not in the position of having a display or sign on your own, you can make use of tiny squares of tabs that you can use to secure the foam directly to the walls. Make sure to apply an adhesive that isn’t likely to cause permanent destruction to surfaces.

3. Cost-Effective

It is essential to think about your budget when selecting the signage for your business. 5mm Foamex boards are a great option to find a variety of signage at an affordable price.

Foam board signs can be printed in a variety of shades and are great alternatives for custom-designed signs that are easy to manage.

4. Attention-Grabbing

A sign that is professionally designed will surely draw the attention of customers who have been loyal and also potential clients.

The use of PVC Foamex signs is efficient in helping your company stand out from your competitors, particularly during trade shows and conferences.

Shell scheme images print in a range of attractive colors that are sophisticated yet sophisticated. Your small business will shine with huge, stunning, beautiful, striking, and impressive signage made of foam.

5. Imagery

Last but not least is one of the best advantages of PVC sign boards made from foam. If you choose to make a sign out of foam board, you have the option of printing a large-scale image directly onto the material and providing a stunning backdrop for your logo or another type of advertising material.

This is a great opportunity to market your product or service in a way that is memorable and in a way that will certainly draw the attention of every passing by.

What Are Display Boards Printed?

Flexibility is an advantage in the design of displays. However, it’s essential to consider the message you’re trying to convey. Companies can employ traditional designs for display boards that focus on DIY or academics who are promoting their research.

With the addition of printing Foamex directly onto your panels, you are able to create stunning, vibrant displays as well as extremely portable and comfortable display boards. This is why it is ideal for exhibitors that do not belong to an organized group, for instance, in the event of travel.

1. Integrating Quality To Gain An Advantage Over The Competition

The appearance and quality of an exhibit is the most important factor which determines whether it is successful. Display boards with images are designed to give an edge over traditional designs.

The site hoarding panels offered by Go Displays are manufactured with high-end materials, which is standard. Regarding the structural quality, this helps to improve the quality of the display boards. Making them more durable and also protecting them from damage over the long run.

2. Incorporating An Eye-Catching Design

Why should you select printed display boards when you’re determined to design your own? If you’re planning to change the layout for every occasion, printed displays won’t fit the bill.

If you are looking for the same design for several occasions they could provide an extensive and better outcome. And If you’re constantly trying to alter the look of your home it’s the ideal moment to invest a little more and have an expert on your side.

3. Built To Last

Display boards made from traditional materials may be placed under the fun and low-cost categories. This also implies that their creativity is limited by their capabilities.

But just because marketing and design aren’t great, it doesn’t mean that the quality of products or services shouldn’t suffer from it. Display boards printed will be more costly. But the design of their display boards is based on the fact that they invest more.

While the DIY display may be able to achieve moderate success over a brief period of time. However, a professionally printed display can be designed to make an excellent display tool for many years.


Foam boards that are printed using foam are excellent marketing tools for your business to provide information to customers as well as potential clients. Foamex signs are a perfect method of promoting your business’s products and services at events, conferences, or inside to promote your business.

As you can see from the above pros there is a myriad of reasons Foamex boards are currently in great demand in the sales and marketing world. To try it out for yourself, contact an experienced Foamex manufacturer today!

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