Technical Skills Screening tool: What you need to know

With the technical skills screening tool, employers can create assessments of technical skills. These tests are typically given to job candidates as part of the recruitment process for a position such as a data scientist, full-stack engineer, or general tool engineer. With most technical skills screening solutions, testing administrators have access to pre-designed tests and sample questions that can be customized in order to create their own custom technical competence assessments.

In the technical skills screening tool, users can specify the type of job they want to screen for, and the tool will select the most appropriate questions based on the skills necessary for the job. A company can easily administer tests to job candidates, grade their answers automatically, and then send the results to test administrators for determining if the job candidates qualify for the next interview round. Please visit to learn more.

How does using a skill screening tool benefit employers?

Employers typically receive hundreds, if not thousands of applications for open positions. By simply looking at a resume, employers cannot determine an applicant’s qualifications and it would take them countless hours to go through each application. Particularly in technical fields such as tool design and full stack development, this is a challenge. A technical skills screening tool mitigates this problem by assessing applicants’ technical skills. Employers can concentrate their efforts on the most qualified candidates for the position by advancing the strongest candidates through the assessment stage to the interview stage. A hiring team can save a lot of time and effort by doing so.

Selection of qualified candidates using technical skills screening tools – Hiring the right candidates is easier when employers use technical skills screening tools, but they will also save time. When determining whether a candidate is qualified for a role that requires coding in a particular language or data analytics, it’s important to determine their level of technical proficiency. This will ensure that the selection of a new employee does not depend on factors other than the new employee’s ability to perform technical duties.

Saves the employers time — As an employer, you don’t have to review thousands of job applications to determine whether they qualify for the next round of interviews. Upon receiving the technical skill assessment, all candidates will be advanced to the next step if they score within a certain range. Because a majority of unqualified candidates are eliminated, employers save considerable time.

The technical skills screening tool is used by what kind of people?

Staffing companies specializing in technology — Most of the jobs in this field are technical in nature, such as software engineers, software developers, and programmers. Tech skills screening tools let recruiters select from hundreds of skills how difficult they want their tests to be. Any programming language (such as java, python, or SQL) or any algorithm or data structure could use. The use of a skills screening tool allows users to create tests for job candidates regardless of the skill they need testing.

HR managers — Hiring managers of domains other than coding and programming can make use of specialized screening tools to identify technical skills. You could use it to gauge a digital marketer’s ability to design the front end of a website, for instance, or to gauge an accountant’s ability to analyze costs and trends. These other skills can measure using several technical skill screening tools and provide accurate results for each test type.

Tools for screening technical skills

Technology skills — In some instances, screening solutions for technical skills are purely technical in nature. Rather than assessing soft skills such as comprehension or critical thinking, these solutions assess only technical skills like coding and programming.

The soft skills hiring solutions — Some of these solutions also come with soft skills assessments in addition to the technical skills assessment, such as a test of critical thinking, a test of teamwork, a test of time management, and so on. Combining soft skills and technical skills in one platform allows employers to gain a deeper understanding of a job applicant.

Tools for screening technical skills

Tests generated automatically — A significant number of technical skills screening solutions feature pre-made or auto-generated skills testing tools. A user can choose to have an auto-generated test, and the tool iterates a test for them based on what they specify. A selection of auto-generated tests includes coding assessments and data analytics tests.

Testing — Users can use the technical skills screening tool to create custom tests and assessments in addition to auto-generated tests. It gives users the opportunity to create their own custom questions, and the technical skills screening solution will schedule and grade the test for them.

Library of pre-made questions — Several skills screening solutions offer a library of pre-made questions. Using pre-made questions, administrators select the questions they want to use in their tests. It is also possible for test administrators to create their own questions, however users save time by using this option.

Interviews via video – Video interviewing may also include in some technical skills assessment tools. In Addition to using video interviews for conversation, many software solutions also use video interviews for assessing coding skills in the real world. The employer can challenge applicants with coding challenges in real time and even record the session for later analysis.

Monitoring and analytics – An advanced analytics and reporting feature is one of the key features of technical skills screening tools. Automated scoring provides automated scoring of tests as well as identifying where candidates may benefit from improvement.

Screening tool for technical skills: Potential problems

Incorrect assessment — Automation of technical skills assessments can lead to problems such as the test being algorithm-base, which may end up testing applicants for the wrong skills. Before administering a test, employers ought to review it carefully to ensure they’re asking the most appropriate questions to avoid this issue.

Technical Skills Screening Tool and Related Tools and Services

Technical skills screening solutions — By integrating technical skills screening solutions with applicant tracking systems, employers can continue to test while tracking candidates in one place. As soon as the two solutions are integrate, test results will automatically transmit to the applicant tracking system so hiring teams will know if the applicant qualifies for future steps in the interview process. Having this information allows hiring teams to keep track of where an applicant is in the hiring process.

Integrated technical skills screening tool — Users can integrate business instant messaging applications with technical skills screening applications to quickly reject or approve candidates. Users can also provide quick feedback to the candidate while rejecting or approving them. Reviewing applications becomes even quicker this way.




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