Start off a New Year with Great Deals on Brand-New Rims for Sale Only at AudioCity USA!

Now that 2023 is finally here, the celebrations are gradually winding up and people are looking forward to fulfilling their resolutions. Or not. 

Offices are opening up too and playtime is almost over. This is that time of the year when the aftermarket rims niche witnesses a major rejig as some of America’s best and biggest retail outlets offer fantastic offers and discounts on some of the most premium rims from the most respected brands.

AudioCity USA, an establishment now in its 35th year, is no exception. We have always been impressed with their inventory and their guaranteed low prices that remain almost unmatched across the entirety of California. 

This year, AudioCity USA is putting on a stunning array of rims for sale. Limited-time offers on the most exciting new products are currently available; you can expect discounts of up to 50% on off-road wheels, custom rims, and everything else.

We had been to their 2-storied standalone showroom, unveiled only last year, in Santa Fe Springs. Here are the best deals we ferreted out.

5 stunning rims for sale you should check out

We were taken aback by the sheer range of models that are currently on sale. It’s exciting, to say the least, especially if you are fond of high-quality aftermarket rims.

  1. 20-inch Staggered Giovanna Haleb Wheels: The Giovanna Haleb is a premium model ideal for full-size sedans, hatchbacks, SUVs and literally any passenger vehicle you can think of. Giovanna is regarded as a high-end rim company. It offers customized products that are generally pretty expensive.

At AudioCity USA, however, you can get a set of 4 with discounts maxing out at 35%. 

These are not off-road rims but are better equipped to deal with city and suburban roads. The Giovanna Haleb has a concave frame and deep lips, giving it a classy and distinctive look. The Haleb is more than mere eye-candy, however; it is extremely well-engineered and can take on the most challenging terrain.

The 20-inch variant in gloss black is ideal for daily-use compacts from Honda and Nissan and will add some brownie points for style to a Porsche or a Ferrari. You get the idea!

 2.  Staggered AC Wheels AC-01: Up next is a super concave rim that’s muscular, durable, and very sexy. This is one of the bestselling models from the house of AC Wheels. Ordinarily, a set of 4 rims would cost you well beyond $1300. 

At AudioCity USA, you can get discounts of up to 25%, easily making it one of the best deals available right now and one of the most popular rims for sale.

The AC-01 is available in several sizes; however, it’s the 20-inch model with the gloss black body complemented by hot red insides that is on sale. The AC-01 is frequently the first choice for those who love off-roading. It bears a familiar 5-spoke design with a few welcome additions including extra concavity and a deeper lip.

This is a splendid choice for coupes, sedans, and hotshot Mustangs and Camaros. The 20-inch AC-01 will be a classy (and not too expensive) addition to your BMW or Lexus too, besides all types of EVs.

3. 20-inch Staggered Koko Kuture Kapan: Koko Kuture is a brand owned by Giovanna and is well-known in aftermarket circles. As the name suggests, it really is part of the haute couture section of rims and has long been one of the best-known models of Giovanna. 

If you purchase them now, there’s a discount of up to 36% waiting! The Kapan rims from Koko Kuture are 10-spoked concave delights that are much more muscular than the usual run-of-the-mill wheels designed for city and off-road drives. These are staggered rims and will suit any modified vehicle like a velvet glove. 

This is one of the best rims for sale for sedans. The 20-inch Koko Kapan (available in an exquisite gloss black finish) is known for its higher load rating and very light weight, enabling you to save a lot of fuel and reducing your carbon footprint greatly.

Get these rims now before they are sold out!

4. 20-inch Staggered AC-02 Concave: The AC-02 was designed to follow up on the spectacular success of the AC-01. AC Wheels has launched a series of AC-02 models in the last few years. The 20-inch staggered AC-02 with a dual-tone finish (black and red milled spoke sides) seems to become increasingly attractive every time we see it!

While the AC-02 is not outrageously expensive to begin with, you can still save up to 36% if you procure them from AudioCity USA. Shipping is free, of course.

The AC-02 would be a perfect alternative to the OEMs of your sedans, hatchbacks, muscle cars, and coupes. It is also one of the few rims which make quite an impression on high-end electric and hybrid cars.

We were lucky to have spotted a set of these rims on a crisply maintained Shelby Cobra in the last week of December, ‘22. Given that the Cobra was first built right here in Santa Fe Springs (overseen by none other than Carroll Shelby himself), it was quite serendipitous!

5. Verde V09 Spry: Rounding up this list of 5 HQ rims is the V09 Spry, one of the most popular models manufactured by Verde Wheels. This 5-lug, 5-spoked rim is one of the lightest rims on this list; it’s also one of the sportiest. You can avail of discounts of up to 22% on the highly urbane light bronze rims.

The V09 Spry is designed very simply and is almost Spartan. Still, its undercut rim & barrel lends it more strength than comparable rims from other companies. The Verde Wheels Spry will suit everything: from the choicest sedans to stretch limos.

It fits low-slung cars pretty well too.

Get lots of other rims for sale when you visit the outlet. Or, you can easily check them out online!

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